So much to explore just outside the front door

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I didn’t take a vacation this year. I did not visit any exotic places or have bragging rights to a foreign country. I did not have to be concerned about the value of the euro or whether my luggage could survive another trip through baggage claim. And you know what? That’s ok.

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I subscribe to quite a few blogs that deal with travel … I admire those that can finagle trips for whatever reason, whether it’s as a student or as a retiree. I still intend to get to Venice and Cinque Terre and Salzburg. In the meantime I have come to realize that where I am at is pretty special; as one friend pointed out, I live in a place that many would fork over their hard-earned dollars for a two-week vacation. Now that I think of it, I did this for years. Why am I not appreciating this?

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Sure, maybe the grass is greener in Rome. Or Sarlat. Or Banff. But hey, maybe the Canadians are thinking that Wolfeboro, New Hampshire is the place to be! I guess my point here – to myself as much as anyone else – is that we all live in an interesting place. Appreciate it, celebrate it, extol its virtues. There’s so much to explore just outside your front door!

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10 responses to “So much to explore just outside the front door

  1. Hear, hear! And while Italy and Greece are on my bucket list, there’s no place like home.

    Beautiful colours in these shots.

  2. This is great advice no matter where you live! However, you happen to live in a spectacular part of our country. Of course, so we…

  3. A good reminder for all of us. We are a most blessed country, especially by a good portion of the world’s standards. A reminder to be grateful and appreciative to our Heavenly Father. Thanks for the beautiful scenery.

  4. Very true Paige ….and your photos (as usual) capture the natural and historic beauty of your post card corner of the country.
    All those years when I was traveling for work, I would take a special inner pride in watching the reaction of those on the plane who were obvious rookies to the PNW. Mt. Rainier, Puget Sound, Seattle’s skyline…. sometimes, their curious questions thrust me into the roll of a short-term chamber of commerce / tour guide rep.! After being through all 50 states several times over, I can honestly say that the PNW is where we settled for good reason. And after visiting New England several times, it’s a very close 2nd for me.
    We are all very blessed indeed. Merry Christmas Paige. D&A

  5. Great post. It’s wonderful living in a destination spot except on the major holidays and then you have to stick close to home to avoid the tourists and the traffic. 🙂 But, the rest of the time it’s all ours.

  6. Amen

  7. No Question about us being on the same page in thoughts.

  8. You do really live in a lovely place
    Another enjoyable post,thanks

  9. You are right, like my nursery rhyme went “East, west, which place is best? East, west, home is best.” No place like home, indeed. I have lived in Austria for a few years, but I have still not been to Italy. Why? Because I would rather go hiking in the Vienna Woods and surrounding areas – there is so much to see! I have traveled here and there, but home is best 🙂

  10. New England is a dream! I love it there and I love visiting whenever I can. You are fortunate to live in NH….so pretty. Your photos are sublime as usual, madame. : ) xoxo

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