The red tree

There is a maple tree down in the village that turns brilliant red every year on or about November 1.  I do not know what kind of maple it is, and there are a couple other trees like it in the area, but none are quite as nice as this one.  The leaves are an almost unbelievable red (and to be honest they never really turn completely green the rest of the year … there is always a reddish cast to them).

The first year I snapped a photo of this tree it was in the rain, and the colors in the camera were so saturated it didn’t look real.

Now it’s kind of a yearly thing … photographing the end of fall, going out in a blaze of glory on this tree.  And, once these leaves have fallen, it’s almost time for winter.


4 responses to “The red tree

  1. OOOOOOOH. I guess I thought those weren’t NEW…..that second one down is positively absolutely completely gorgeous. My new favorite.

  2. Absolutely, incredibly, fantastically gorgeous.

  3. It appears you’ve shared your “RED TREE” photos with others (as well) over the years! As you know….the one you sent me that first year is one of my favorites. I made copies that now hang on a couple walls within our family. My son’s wife loved it also, and I had to give one ot my Mom. It reminds us all of my Dad …(as RED was indeed, his favorite color). Nov. 5th was their anniversary, Mom’s BD, and our anniv. also (40 this year)! When Dad died in 1991, we had a red maple planted in his memory, in the park nearest to our childhood home. THANKS AGAIN for the memories Paige. D

  4. Charlotta Daginn Lundin

    I have never sen anything like it! I cannot help but think not only of the beauty of the tree but also about the chemistry of the tree and of the ground, there must be the best possible combination of both to produce the brilliant red colour.

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