I love France

I have been to France three times in the last four years.  While I have been to many absolutely beautiful places – the Canadian Rockies, Hanalei Bay in Hawaii, the gorgeous coast of Northern Ireland, even the green hills and valleys of western Montana – I can safely say that I am completely in love with France.  Most of my time there has been spent in the southwest, an area called Dordogne.  It is full of castles and prehistoric caves and medieval bastides (fortified towns) built during the Hundred Years War.  This seemed to be a good place to post some of the photos from this area – with its wonderful light, honey-colored stone buildings and profusion of flowers, it is a photographer’s dream.

The French even have pretty laundry!

One tiny piece of Notre Dame…

The escalator at the Louvre.  Weird, I know.  But I really really like it.

Anyone wanna go to Paris?  I can be packed and ready by tomorrow morning.


8 responses to “I love France

  1. It’s amazing how something simple like two old chairs and a table can have so much color. Is it just me, or does that only happen in France?

  2. These are great shots!

  3. WOW ! These photos are Amazing ! I’d put nearly all of them on a wall.

  4. vintagefrenchchic

    I would like to challenge you to a packing contest! : ) Wonderful photos. Ahhh…wish I were there.

  5. Great photos. I’ve been to France 3 times – Paris has to be my favorite place in the world.

  6. I am also a total Francophile! The Dordogne is one of my favorite spots on the earth….loved your photos and brought it all back on this snowy day in Maine. Medieval Gardens, Cro-magnon man, castles and Aquitaine villages with very few people. Formidable!

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