Giving thanks in unexpected places

Photo Nov 27, 9 32 09 AM (Large)

The calendar may say it’s Black Friday, but here in New Hampshire it’s White Friday. Wednesday night a storm moved up the east coast and dumped a foot of heavy wet snow across the state; as a result, a whole lot of people did not get their Thanksgiving turkey yesterday. 200,000 people were without power, down to about 80,000 today. This type of snow (known in Washington State as “Cascade cement”) can cause a lot of damage, leaving in its wake downed tree branches and power lines; yesterday morning my poor lilac tree looked like an inverted U. And it isn’t even winter yet.

Photo Nov 27, 10 12 23 AM (Large)

Photo Nov 27, 10 12 42 AM (Large)

So this Thanksgiving I thought about some of the little things we take for granted – like electricity, hot showers and shopping on Amazon. Of course I’m thankful for the more obvious things too; but the morning news, that first cup of coffee, and being able to email my mom rank right up there. (Yeah, I would have made a lousy pioneer.)

Photo Nov 28, 3 56 09 PM (Large)

Photo Nov 28, 3 58 11 PM__ (Large)

Photo Nov 28, 4 00 32 PM (Large)

Black Friday has come and gone but it looks like maybe the snow is here to stay. It’s strange how something so beautiful can also be so treacherous. Blame it on technology, or the millennium, or anything you want, but this year I am doubly thankful for my family, my friends, and my internet access. For me, at least, they are all interconnected.

Photo Nov 28, 4 05 11 PM__ (Large)




12 responses to “Giving thanks in unexpected places

  1. Better put on your chains…. Ha.. Ha.. Ha
    Beautiful photos

  2. It’s so beautiful! But yeah, power outages can be painful.

  3. Some of the most beautiful photos of yours I have ever seen! But one does not want to pay with damage and power outages. We have just had the fiercest thunderstorm in 30 years in Brisbane north of me and the damage to the city is horrendous! Hope no Arctic Vortexes up your way this year . . .

  4. Breathtaking pictures! I’m sorry so many people lost power, but I love that snow! It is SO beautiful. We actually had some snow fall today ~ very wet, didn’t stick, but at least it was snow! Gotta start somewhere, I suppose. Keep those pictures a’comin’!

  5. Well your beautiful Fall is over, how quickly things can change in your area. Your small photos in the e-mail are so beautiful and than I click on them to fill my screen and WOW, what a sight. Hope you did not miss out on your Thanksgiving dinner completely. Maybe just a day delayed? Love your updates.

  6. P, Well, you nailed it again! My two favorite colors … BLUE sky, and WHITE snow. Very nice photos Paige, and we hope you finally got some Turkey!
    We just returned from Thanksgiving in Salem, OR ….rained all the way home. But, the snow is on the way! Cheers, D&A

  7. I’m from Contoocook, so this pretty scene looks familiar. So sorry to hear you guys lost power! Our mixing valve on the hot water heater broke last month so we went 36 hours with no water (had to shut it off). It really does
    make you appreciate the basics in life!

  8. I am thankful for these things, too. And as far as being a pioneer woman goes, if I don’t have a mint on my pillow at night, I consider it camping. So yay for modern technology! !

  9. Absolutely beautiful Paige…stay warm and cozy…and may you always have power! Thinking of you♡

  10. …….but oh how beautiful the pictures are:)

  11. OK…now that’s a beautiful snowfall. And I know exactly what kind of snow you are talking about–we get that around here too. One winter we got slammed and lost power for days. No fun. So yes, I am with you for being thankful about our modern conveniences. xo H

  12. The first photo – now this is what I call a winter shot. Very beautiful photo and clean snow. We received a bit of snow here and I hope we receive some more for a white Christmas.

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