New England

Have you ever been to New England?  It’s the prettiest place in the entire US … but then, maybe I’m a little biased.  Come along for a quick tour……..

Barnstable, Massachusetts, in the fall.

A colorful storefront in Belfast, Maine – right on the coast.

Early autumn morning in the Berkshires, Massachusetts.

Maine lobster buoys.

Fishing shack in Rockport, Massachusetts.

Cutler, Maine – we waited an hour for the fog to lift enough to get this.

Eastern Point Light and Dog Bar Breakwater in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

Maine blueberry fields in the fall.

An old signpost in central Massachusetts.

The Olson House, Hathorne Point, in Maine – where Andrew Wyeth painted “Christina’s World.”

Flower pot in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Sunset in Wells, Maine.

A great old barn in Winchendon, Massachusetts.

Oak Bluffs cottage, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Salt Ash Inn, Vermont.


2 responses to “New England

  1. vintagefrenchchic

    Nope. You are not biased. It is a simple truth. There are many gorgeous places in the USA but there is truly something about New England that makes it stand out…

  2. You take awesome pictures! New England just feeds my soul in a way that no where else I’ve ever been has. I’m so happy you’ve been there since 1999 and have made it! Your house looks so perfect and inspires dreams for our future!

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