The Great Smith River Canoe Race

Waiting for the race on Crescent Lake

The 39th Annual Great Smith River Canoe & Kayak Race is a tradition in Wolfeboro and marks the beginning of the summer season.  The race is approximately 4 miles long and includes a mild whitewater stretch and two short portages.  You start at Albee Beach, paddle to the Smith River, paddle through Crescent Lake to the dam, portage the dam, paddle the relatively easy whitewater of the Smith River and under the Route 28 bridge, portage around the dam to Back Bay and then finish at the Town Docks.

The first of the canoeists appear

The first portage at the Crescent Lake dam

Spectators came in all sizes, shapes and colors

A bit of whitewater skill is useful, but a desire to have fun is just as critical.  There are some people who are very serious about this race but most just want to have a good time.  The dam opens enough to allow water to run the river, but not enough that would cause trouble in running the rapids.

There were people stationed at various points on the river in case anyone needed help

Participants ranged in age from about seven to seventy

An unlucky pair flipped their canoe, but managed to right it and continue. A couple of young girls managed to slam their kayak right into a tree, but giggled and kept going. Another woman, going alone, glided past us and asked, “Is it over yet??”

Our Coldwell Banker entry featured the slogan, “We keep your dreams afloat”. The thought was that if they dumped the boat in the rapids, the sign would flip over to read, “We can help you if you’re under water, too!”

Laureen and Sarah making it safely through the rapids

Navigating the Smith River

Heading for the bridge

… and into Back Bay!

Congratulations to Sarah and Laureen, who managed to finish the race with all their balloons intact … and look really good doing it!


6 responses to “The Great Smith River Canoe Race

  1. Wish I could have been to see the race and cheer our CBRB Team on! What a day!!

  2. Wonderful photos! The scenery is spectacular and that looks like so much fun! 🙂

  3. Great Job Sarah and Laureen. You represent us well! Pat

  4. That looks like so much fun! Why weren’t you IN the boat instead of taking pictures of it???!!!

  5. Yes Paige why aren’t you in the race? LOL

  6. Yea Paige ….Next year, get a waterproof cage for your precious camera, and document it from the boat/kayak ! YOU CAN DO IT PAIGE !!!!!!

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