Sophie’s tea party

I was invited to a tea party for Sophie’s fifth birthday.

The festivities included a very cute teapot cake, and a beautifully set table with a hat, pair of gloves, and a string of pearls at each place setting.  Six little girls were invited, all wearing their summer party dresses.

Refreshments consisted of iced tea (I overheard one little girl say to another, “It’s really just fruit juice!”), sandwiches cut with a teapot-shaped cookie cutter, sliced fruit, and potato chips.  For the adults there were brownies with raspberries, and wine (it’s just fruit juice!).

Peanut butter and jelly never looked so good!

At first the girls were very shy, standing around holding hands.  Seven pretty little girls in pink and sandals and bows, sugar and spice and all things nice.

That changed in a hurry.  Before we knew it, they were tearing around the house like wild things … screaming and squealing and climbing rocks and running barefoot across the lawn and through the garden.  Hats and braids were flying, ladylike behavior was abandoned.  Five minutes were devoted to feeling each other’s forehead (“it’s sweaty!”) as proof of their athletic prowess.  Only cake got them back to the table.

If there are more photos of some of the girls than the others, that is just because those one or two managed to sit still a little longer.

At the end of the day there was laughter, jealousy, name-calling, hand-holding, drama, silliness, and yes, even tears.  After all, this is seven young women we’re talking about.  In between the hair ribbons and polka dots and finger sandwiches, girls just gotta let their hair down.  Happy birthday Sophie, thanks for helping me remember what it’s like to be a kid again!


6 responses to “Sophie’s tea party

  1. Love it! That Sarah is a whirlwind in motion. First the race and then the party. Oh, did I forget her job? Love the pics!

  2. Oh I love it. Such CUTE little girls, and don’t they look pretty! I like the hats and the pearls, and the food looks pretty good too. Happy Birthday Sophie!!!

  3. What beautiful little girls! And what a wonderful mom to go to such lengths for her daughter’s birthday party. Sophie will remember this forever! The pearls were a perfect touch ~

  4. Another wonderful job of photo-journalism! You totally captured the spirit of the day! Great pics!

  5. Oh Paige so well done! It was like being there! Beautiful little ladies!!

  6. Your OTHER NICHE …. what a great job capturing a moment that will last a lifetime. D

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