My second favorite


Photo Jan 16, 6 33 58 PMWinter is my second favorite season. You can’t beat autumn in New Hampshire, so that’s a no-brainer, and while most people would choose summer next I prefer winter. At this point in the season, though, I’m a little afraid to admit that.

I am probably the only person left in New England who likes winter. Yeah, we’re all winter-weary here, and I’m looking forward to spring as much as anyone else, but you can’t argue with the beauty of the season. I have included some photos here to prove my point, just in case someone pushes back on this.

Photo Jan 20, 6 04 23 PMPhoto Jan 28, 5 38 31 PMPhoto Feb 19, 7 26 07 AM

Winter here is the stuff of postcards and calendars: fluffy-white drifts of snow covering hills and fields. Curls of woodsmoke coming from chimneys. Centuries-old white architecture made even more beautiful with a frosting of ice. Little white lights in every window, illuminating the dark frigid nights.Photo Feb 10, 6 41 59 PMThen there are the things the postcards don’t tell you … the ice dams that back up on rooftops and allow water to creep into your house. Snowdrifts so high you can’t see around them to turn onto the street. High heating bills. Empty cars running in parking lots, staying warm while their owners shop. Bad hair days from all that dry static electricity in the air.Photo Feb 16, 4 19 43 PMIt’s all just part of living here, though. We know it, expect it, and put up with it, believing that spring can’t possibly be that far away. And when it does arrive it is a feeling like nothing else – new beginnings, new life, something that is looked forward to every year.

So until that day, I am loving this frigid white landscape and thankful that my roof hasn’t collapsed under the weight of two feet of snow. The ice dams haven’t caused any major damage. Yet. The car still reliably starts when it is seventeen below zero. There are no mosquitoes.

Photo Feb 14, 5 41 14 PM

Photo Feb 04, 5 53 44 PM

I’m happy when my second favorite season begins. And just as happy when it ends.


14 responses to “My second favorite

  1. Not meant to be a pun, but I have “chills” . . . your photos are gorgeous! I can see why Winter is your second favorite season – and so much prettier than the dark, grey, gloomy skies of Seattle!

  2. Your photos…gasp. You kill me every time with them. I like winter well enough but I am done with our artic temps. Thankfully we haven’t had the amount of snow you have had–or what we had last year–but it is enough. Looking forward to Spring!!

  3. Beautiful photos! We feel the same way, from the vantage of Center Sandwich.

  4. Some of the most beautiful photos you have ever published: with clear skies and snowfalls past. But it has not been an easy winter for folk up your way . . . I personally used to love spring, but since it is quite dangerously windy where I have lived for the past two decades, the long, warmish four autumn months are a balm to the body and soul . . .

  5. Your photos certainly are the stuff of postcards! So picturesque and serene, yet you brought out some of the negatives… ice dams, roof collapses, heating bills. And I worry about eventual flooding when we have the big melt.

  6. P, Having just arrived in CO, just ahead of a welcome cold front, I can definitely relate to your love of the pristine white stuff. We awoke to 12″ of light, fluffy, and 2 degrees! Your photos and prose capture the essence of the season much better than any I could offer, but I sent you some anyhow. Keep them coming. D

  7. Truly beautiful images. I’m a teensy bit jealous of your snow–it makes everything look so pristine!–but I’ve lived in cold climates enough to know I’m not a winter person.

  8. So beautiful! And, as always, I love your perspective on life and the attitude that you bring to each day. We have closed our local skiing mountain for the season (Snoqualmie Pass), since we do not have very much of that “fluffy- white drifts of snow”. Maybe next year. xxoo

  9. Love the ice tree!

  10. Photos are gorgeous. I’m so ready for spring I can’t tell you. I’m even looking forward to the black flies which tells you how ready I am. πŸ™‚

  11. I love this post – both the words and the photos! You’ve captured the beauty of the season perfectly. I actually love winter very much. I don’t mind the cold (although I do agree that slightly less cold would be nice), and I love the snow. One of my favorite things about living in New England is having 4 distinct seasons. We get to enjoy natural beauty year round, in all it’s varied glory. πŸ™‚

  12. I am definitely a winter person. Love your photos!

  13. The pictures of the snow drifts are amazing. I love all of the photos, especially the one with the docks. Be careful of falling icicles!! Yikes!

  14. I just love your photos and your blog. My husband is from Laconia and we were just stopped in Alton our last time up looking at the Ice Fishing. It would be fun to take our kids to Blackbird Farm sometime πŸ™‚ We are next to Portsmouth. Cheers!

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