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On the eve of each new year I try to choose something new to focus on and learn about in the coming twelve months. This is harder than it sounds. Sometimes I stick with it, and sometimes I don’t. Past picks have been all over the place: jewelry-making, Ireland’s history, how to start a blog. The year of attempting traditional Italian cooking sounded good on paper until I realized that I would also have to eat it; sadly, in the end I figured I did not need the extra pounds. So … some ideas work, and others don’t.

Photo Jan 10, 1 25 19 PM (Large)

For 2015 I wanted to do something creative. After days of crossing items off a mental checklist I finally settled on an idea: Instagram. Now, Instagram is nothing new, even to me. I had tried it once before. Social media isn’t really my thing. But Instagram IS photos, and I thought it might be another aspect of photography – however simple – that I should investigate. To up the ante a bit I decided it should be a Project 365 – post a photo a day – on Instagram. Let’s call it Instagram365.

Photo Jan 08, 4 41 57 PM_ (Large)

For the record (and I looked this up) “instagram” is a blend of the words “instant camera” and “telegram.” Photos are confined to a square shape, reminiscent of Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images. A bit of a throwback in the midst of 21st-century technology. Not life-changing, but different enough to be fun (I hope).

Photo Jan 09, 2 42 33 PM (Large)

Instagram also encourages the use of filters, and this is where the creativity comes in … I have given myself permission to go a little overboard with it, creating images that might not look exactly like what I saw but maybe what I imagine it to be. After all, who cares? This is supposed to be fun. Instagram may not be challenging to learn or use, but my dare is to post something interesting – or at the very least not boring – every day.

Photo Jan 12, 5 19 54 PM (Large)

Twelve days in … so far, so good!

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9 responses to “365

  1. Do I have to “follow” you on Instagram to continue to see your pix? Or will they come like these did, through your blog? The pix are fabulous, as always.

  2. Beautiful! The twigs/shadows shot is a work of art.

    I did a 365 project two years ago when I was first getting interested in photography. Definitely a challenge and I learned so much.

    • Thanks – I like that one too. I did a 365 a few years ago before I started the blog, it was fun but I was glad when the year was done. We’ll see how I do this year!

  3. Absolutely beautiful photos but I just do not know how you manage your time 🙂 ! I ‘got out’ of Facebook five years ago and have never ever regretted that for a moment. At the moment, very much still with my New Year resolutions, I am in the process of deleting about 80% of my blogroll to be fair to those remaining. Somehow fulltime work, fulltime uni studies, fulltime international welfare work, fulltime committees, panels etc [all of which are normal in my life] and attempting to lead a normal everyday social life with friends, cooking, gardening, reading, opera, theatre, symphony etc etc et al – well I envy those who seem to know how in this superbusy world of ours. Would love to follow you but simply, physically cannot!

  4. Yay, I’m very excited about this. I love Instagram! All photos, no drama 🙂

  5. Your photos are lovely, and I like your 2015 photography challenge. I will enjoy your blog posts but am down to about 10 minutes per day on social media and I’d like to get that even lower so I won’t be following on Instagram. LOL 🙂

  6. So beautiful photos!

  7. Thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through your winter. It has been Fall/Spring all winter here in Western Washington State. Even though we complain when it snows, we miss it dearly. I get chilly looking at these pictures and want to go build a fire right now!

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