About time …


IMG_2384 dropshadow

Time goes by so quickly I can’t believe it’s already June. I remember years ago (and I won’t say how many) someone told me that once you get past 30, time starts to accelerate. And unfortunately I have found that to be true – although at times in my life I’ve also felt that time has stood absolutely still. It’s an odd concept, the passage of time … but in a way, the older I get the more I think maybe time doesn’t mean anything at all. I’m not sure it makes sense to mark off the calendar, and count the years, and declare yourself old on this or that birthday. Maybe we should all just enjoy where we are right now…





7 responses to “About time …

  1. vintagefrenchchic

    Nobody ever mentioned that 30 thing to me but it does seem to be right. The passage of time is indeed a curiosity. Loved your thoughts …and photo.

  2. Time is fast. Too fast!

  3. So true and well said
    Nice photo too! Reminds me of an Agfa Isola camera I had as a teenager a short while ago,or was it a long time ago!

  4. Live for the day! Is that a photo of your dad? ❤

  5. I couldn’t agree more! This past year I turned 30 and I can’t help but think that everyday, whether you are 5 like my oldest son, 30 like his mom, or 94 like my grandfather, each day of each of our lives involes living, learning, loving, and none of the 3 of the before mention seem particularly wiser or exempt from challenges and joys!

  6. Must say I am laughing! I HATED turning 30, felt rather a sophisticate at 40, absolutely loved 50 [was in the middle of a tumultuous love affair 🙂 !] and after that the number of years after my name have never entered my mind :D) ! [Come Tuesday another one will be added!!!] So, what do the extra years count? I am more active and doing more worthwhile things now than ever before, and in spite of having gone thru’ very dark patches have hopefully learned what is really worthwhile in life!

  7. Late entry …. and I certainly agree with everyone (above). Simply put ….”You are as old (or young) as you think you are, at any moment in time!” I believe that would be your beloved dad’s camera! D

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