In praise of mud

P1160439_ (Large)

The switch has flipped.

The calendar turned over to April and our temperatures have finally warmed up … you’d have to go back to last November to find a day warmer than today. There is light at the end of the neverending-winter tunnel. A ray of hope that we’ll soon see springtime daffodils, chirping birds, green grass …. or at least mud season. April first marks the day when bird feeders come back in the house, unless you want to provide a snack for a hungry, sleepy bear. It also is the day when bobhouses have to be off the lake, signaling the end of ice fishing. Word is that the ice in 19 Mile Bay is still 27″ thick, sparking theories that 2014 may have one of the latest ice-out dates ever. The record is May 12, which occurred in 1888; depending on what happens in the next thirty days, that date may be challenged this year.

P1160475 (Large)

Roads are heaved from frost, meaning driving anywhere takes longer than usual. Load limits are posted on side roads. A small stream has developed alongside my property, heading down the hill towards the lake. A half-dozen deer are regularly congregated in my yard, looking for food and escape from the snow in the few bare patches of ground next to the woods.

Photo Mar 29, 10 42 07 AM (Large)

I like the smell of the mud, of the frozen earth letting go, of the boiling sap and woodsmoke that go hand-in-hand with the warming breeze. We’ve made it through, again. Spring is almost here.

P1120559 (Large)








6 responses to “In praise of mud

  1. Those last two pictures are fantastic! I love the reflection of your big tree and the house, and the maple leaf in the small melted area is beautiful. So happy to know spring may actually arrive for you easterners! It’s been a long haul. I just hope our rain warms up…..

  2. P,
    Been thinking of you whenever we see yet another big cold front headed your way. Happy to see it seems like the spring flig is just around the corner for you. Great pixs ….especially the last two …..Hell, they’re all good! Mud season is alive & well here in CO. Hope to hit the slopes again tomorrow (storming today). Cheers, D

  3. Hey-
    Loved the photos as always but the one with all the snow in front of the house cracked me up. Stay warm


  4. vintagefrenchchic

    You do have more snow left than we do. The big piles are still around but the ground stuff is pretty much gone. Rain is coming over the next couple days so hopefully it will help finish it all off. I wish you lived closer so I could hire you to attack my yard and garden! xo

  5. Since you were born and raised in Washington State it is natural that you love the smell of mud. That is yet one more thing we have in common. I am stunned by how much snow you still have!! That is crazy! That 1888 record may be broken this year. Your pictures are lovely. I especially like the two adirondack chairs awaiting spring and future occupants that will soon sit in them and enjoy the sun and scenery.

  6. This was a winter we won’t forget anytime soon. Thank goodness the snow has melted and daffodils have started blooming.

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