Just another day on the lake

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Have you ever had the urge to walk out on a frozen lake, drill a hole through the ice, drop a hook and see what happens? No? Well, neither have I but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the Great Meredith Rotary Fishing Derby once again this past weekend on frozen Lake Winnipesaukee. The carnival atmosphere is evident the minute you drive into town: backed-up traffic, snow machines rumbling across the road, hundreds of gawkers out on the lake. My travel companion’s comment from the passenger seat sounded something like, “holy sh*}!” We parked in a church parking lot off the beaten path and made our way through the snow and slush down to the circus.

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Photo Feb 08, 1 42 36 PM (Large)

It was noisy. There were snowmobiles everywhere – some driven by kids that looked no more than 8 years old – and ATVs and dirt bikes and vehicles I don’t even have a name for. Pickups with fishing stuff in the back. At least two helicopters that flew so low you could hear the whoosh of the blades. The pervasive element here seemed to be testosterone, with a cigar shop and a beermaker and barbeque smoke filling the air. One bobhouse even had a plaque designating it as a “man cave,” punctuated by a grill and a particularly mean-looking snow machine outside the front door. In case there was any question.

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Photo Feb 08, 2 44 41 PM (Large)

On the more girl-friendly front, there was a bright pink bobhouse with flowers on the front door and a young woman who asked anyone who came by, “Do you like it??” We assured her we did. Another area was cleared of snow, like a hockey rink, where kids could learn about tip-ups and jigging. Dogs on leashes sniffed at each other, people lounged in lawn chairs set up around fire pits, and babies dressed up like furry animals were pulled along in sleds. Oh yeah, and there was some fishing going on.

Photo Feb 08, 2 03 08 PM (Large)

Photo Feb 08, 2 12 52 PM (Large)

At the end of the day, after treating ourselves to fresh homemade cider doughnuts and hot chocolate (which would have been reason enough to drive the ten miles to Meredith), we checked the big board at the Fishing Derby headquarters to see what had been caught so far. Noting some pretty decent specimens, we were satisfied we’d seen it all and began our hike back to the car – looking forward to its heated seats.

P1160425 (Large)

Photo Feb 08, 2 53 55 PM (Large)

And waking up this morning a Grand Prize winner – and fifteen thousand dollars richer – is an 11-year-old boy from Tamworth, proof that anyone can be a winner in this family-friendly event. You can find more information and photos on the Derby’s Facebook page (look up “Meredith Rotary Club”) and as one man sensibly advised him, “Spend or save wisely – and then go fishing!”

Photo Feb 08, 3 03 00 PM (Large)


7 responses to “Just another day on the lake

  1. Fifteen grand at eleven years old? Whoa…

  2. No wonder the place was crowded. I’d spend a day ice fishing for $15,000. Come to think of it, I’d spend a day ice fishing just for the fish. I love New Hampshire!

  3. What a fun event, and for a young boy to get money to use for college is just brilliant. Of course, my favorite ice house is the pink one. 🙂

  4. vintagefrenchchic

    I think I could do something cute with that pink ice house! What a fun event to witness. And kudos to the kiddo!!

  5. Outstanding as usual. Maybe some day I will be one of those people on the ice.

  6. Holy S—! That about sums the day up! I love the license plates and the view of the bay from the deck!

  7. The 11 yr. Old boy has a nice start on his college fund! I love your blog and pictures, I felt like I was there. I would love to be there. Fishing and snowmobiling are right up my alley. It just sounds like so much fun. I need to find that Panda bear hat…I must have it.

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