A post about nothing

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I love that nothing happens in New Hampshire.

I’m talking about the morning news here. Residents complain of the lack of news in the morning report, but to me it’s a blessing. There are few major crimes, and occasionally some terrible car accidents and deadly fires, but in general far less depressing stories than the Northwest city I came from. There seem to be a lot of bank robberies … my favorite story being the one where the guy had the thought to disguise himself as a tree, taping branches to his body as if that might divert attention. Other stories in our morning news tend toward things like the farmer whose cow just had twin calves, or why the local oil company has had trouble keeping up with demand in our below-zero temperatures. I am not making fun of this … I find it refreshing in this age of gloom-and-doom reporting.

One of the lead stories the other day caught my attention, only for its ability to make me smile. A 12-year-old girl from East Kingston, NH, helping her dad after Thursday’s snowstorm, got her tongue stuck to a metal flagpole in her front yard. She said later, “It just kind of popped into my head, hey what would happen if I stuck my tongue to the flagpole?” As it turned out, nothing good. (And she had never even seen “A Christmas Story.”) Her dad, snowplowing at the end of the driveway, saw her standing at the flagpole, waving her arms. She tried to pull her tongue off the pole but it started to bleed; her parents tried blowing warm air on her but it wasn’t enough to solve the problem.

She was stuck there for 15 minutes in frigid temperatures. Later she said, “Did I seriously just do that?” Her parents were able to free her by using warm water while they waited for the emergency people to arrive.

She will be fine, but said her lips feel like they’ve been stung by bees. The swelling in her mouth is expected to last about six weeks.

I do not mean to ridicule Maddie in East Kingston; I actually find it a bit endearing. Kids are kids, and I much prefer hearing about her innocent 12-year-old bad judgment than stories of abuse or abandonment or murder. If this is the worst thing that happened in New Hampshire this week, I am grateful. Kudos to you, Maddie, for sharing your story. Her lesson learned, she told the news reporter, was “just think before you do something.” A good reminder for us all in this new year.

And here’s to a new year of nothing happening in New Hampshire.

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11 responses to “A post about nothing

  1. Maybe she did it because she saw the movie?

    I love that it made the news. I love New Hampshire. I used to live there and am seriously considering retiring there, despite the winter weather.

  2. Winter is my second-favorite season (behind fall). It is beautiful here in winter. I think retiring here is a wonderful idea!

  3. But your “nothing” is just so beautiful!

  4. Your ‘nothing’ made me smile . . . I so relate! Living 100 km south of Sydney hidden away in the corner of a National Park makes me feel frustrated at times at what I cannot immediately access – then, when I watch the news and know I can go out in the middle of the night for a walk without fear here . . .so I understand and that last photo of yours is just beautiful!!

  5. Your story ….your perception ….your photos …. priceless.
    Happy 2014 Paige, and may your oil never run low!

  6. Amen and amen!!!

  7. Lovely post and beautiful photos! Happy new year, Paige, and may 2014 be filled with beautiful nothings! 🙂

  8. New Hampshire is pretty awesome! Though I’m so close to the border that most of our news comes out of Boston and I hear a lot more of the bad news. One of the draws of NH for us, though, was its lack of crime. It was ranked the safest state in the nation last year. And on top of that, it is gorgeous!

  9. I have lived in New Hampshire all my life and though I have been offered jobs in other parts of the country I just cannot consider leaving. I find the winters long and tedious, but the rest of the year cannot be beat. Glad you enjoy living here! – Cindy

  10. Awesome Paige!!

  11. The lake picture is beautiful. The news can be depressing at times so there is nothing wrong with ho hum. In fact, I would think most folks would prefer it.


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