How-to list for June

P1150312 (Large)How to hide a tractor

DSC02609 (Large)
How to be amazed by nature

P1100508 (Large)
How to appreciate the rain

P1100561 (Large)
How to shop

P1070705 (Large)
How to spend an evening

OL (Large)
How to anticipate the summer months to come………



9 responses to “How-to list for June

  1. Ilene Fiedler

    Very nice. Love the luna moth and the baby. And the tractor picture is VERY pretty. Is that Oliver, by chance??

  2. When he is a teenager, Oliver will “kill you!” Very cute and endearing though. How did you find the luna moth? I have never had the privilege.

  3. Well, I love nature, appreciate the rain [as lomg as it falls gently and during the time I am asleep 😉 !], hope I know how to shop and know how to appreciate an evening in more ways than one . . . Oliver is so huggable! But, lady, you have NOT hidden that tractor!! New place DEEP required 🙂 !

  4. vintagefrenchchic

    What a pretty post…except for the moth. I know, I know. I should find beauty in the colors and curves of such a specimen but if that thing were fluttering anywhere near me I would probably pass out. When I was younger I read most of Gene Stratton Porter’s books (like Freckles and Girl of the Limberlost) and her writings “almost” helped me get over my phobia of moths but not quite.

  5. Linda Freyberg

    Oh Paige, you have captured the beauty of our world so eloquently! I would love to experience your Luna moth in our neck of the woods, but it is not to be. So thank you for sharing your wonderful world with us. Appreciate your postings so much!! And will try to call soon to communicate (lots to share).

  6. Very cool ‘list’ ….your tractor? A nice collection of my favorite colors!

  7. Wonderful! I thought of you today as we were walking around this little German town we are in (Heidelberg) and saw a wonderful door and some beautiful windows! I didn’t do them justice, but did take photographs. It’s stinkin’ hot here, though. In the 90’s….ugh!

  8. beautiful post celebrating the joys of the season

  9. Beautiful as always


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