Weekend in Paris

Photo May 26, 10 07 27 PM (Large)

While a weekend in Paris may be perfectly normal if you already live in Europe, for a girl in central New Hampshire, USA, it seems exotic.  It’s a movie, or a book, or the poster in my office, but not something you just up and do over Memorial Day weekend.  However, last week I did just that.

P1150164 (Large)

I should mention that when someone invites you to spend the weekend in Paris it’s tough to turn it down.  Life is short.  Opportunity knocks.  Go for it.  I ran the cliches through my head and then got my suitcase … after all, it says right here on my blog that I can be packed and ready to go by tomorrow morning.  I didn’t want to appear insincere, as someone evidently has been reading the fine print.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame

P1150131 (Large)

So, Saturday and Tuesday were both travel days, but Sunday and Monday were pure Paris.  We walked for miles under sunny skies, stopping only for coffee or lunch at a cafe – sitting outdoors, of course.  We visited the Champ de Mars and my favorite landmark, the Eiffel Tower, and on to Pont Alexander and les Invalides.  There was a stage set up there and a large number of security people, and we wondered what it was for.  Soon after that we found out – there was a protest march against France’s new gay marriage law, winding through the streets of Paris and filling the Invalides esplanade late in the afternoon.  Finding ourselves right in the middle of it, and a very large police presence, we observed for a while and then moved on.  We learned later that it was estimated to be 150,000 people there.

P1150168 (Large)

P1150250 (Large)

Dinner was within view of the Eiffel Tower.  We wondered what it must be like to live with a view like that – and what it must cost.  The surrounding buildings were beautiful, with the ornate windows and iron railings that you see all over the city.  Does one ever get tired of the view?  “Jacques, close the drapes … that
$%&# tower is twinkling again and keeping me awake!”

Photo May 26, 12 02 41 PM (Large)

This way to Tour Eiffel

This way to Tour Eiffel

We rode the Batobus, a flat-bottomed boat that you can hop on or off at any one of the eight stops it makes, and walked through Luxembourg Garden.  At 10 pm on Monday night, when we figured the lines would be shorter, we took the elevator to the top of the Eiffel Tower and watched Paris sparkle in the darkness. At 11:00 the Tower itself lit up with 20,000 little lights and twinkled out over the city for ten minutes.

P1150259 (Large)

Photo May 27, 10 06 05 AM (Large)

Weekends don’t get much better than this.

Bridge railing covered with locks ... lovers come here to attach their lock and throw the key in the Seine

Bridge railing covered with locks … lovers come here to attach their lock and throw the key in the Seine

P1150214 (Large)

As Wednesday, and reality, set back in, I was tired.  My feet hurt from walking.  The cats were chiding me for only getting fed once a day instead of two.  Would I ever travel 7500 miles round trip again for just two days in a beautiful city?

Café menu

Café menu

Photo May 26, 1 08 41 PM (Large)

Just try me.  I can be packed and ready to go by morning.



6 responses to “Weekend in Paris

  1. What an amazing weekend! Lucky You!!

  2. Ilene Fiedler

    Very nice blog. And wasn’t it your mother who said to go cause life is short? I’m sure that’s what SHE would have done. That’s one spectacular picture of the Eiffel Tower and those flowers!! And Notre Dame. Actually none of the pictures were ugly. Ah the idle rich……..

  3. What a wonderful thing to do! Good for you for following your heart, Paige. Your mom is right – life is short. Just DO IT! I love the reflection of the Eiffel Tower in the puddle. Just think, in only a couple of weeks we will be there ourselves to see it! I can only hope we can come close to seeing some of the beauty in this city that you did. Thanks for the inspiration ~

  4. The biggest smile on my face amidst a busy Friday afternoon! Such a wonderful memorable two days of your life : how could you bear to take time out for us and those beautiful photos! You DO have a very special way of looking at places we all know from way back when and yet make them look so different and attractive and spellbinding 🙂 ! Thank you and I may share during the weekend 😀 !

  5. Only YOU could go to Paris for the weekend! LOL Awesome Paige just awesome!!
    NOW do you think you could find your way down to Winchendon Ma ?????? 🙂

  6. vintagefrenchchic

    Fabulous photos of a gorgeous weekend!

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