If the tree in the kitchen is gone, it’s spring

Photo Apr 27, 9 59 24 AM__ (Large)

In many ways this is possibly the nicest week of the year.  The sun is bright, the sky is blue, and the weather is warm.  Maple trees are tinged with red flowers.  Yellow is the color of the season – forsythia, daffodil, and sunshine.  That rumble on the road is a tractor instead of an oil truck.  Ferns are unfurling gracefully from the earth.  And driving in to work this morning I see there are a few trees just beginning to show some green leaves.  Hallelujah.

I keep plants in the back bedroom over the winter – indeed, they are scattered all over the house to wait out the cold.  In my kitchen I keep the seven-foot-tall Brugmansia, mainly because I cannot move the enormous pot any further.  Today it went back into the screen porch, soon to be moved to its summer home on the deck.

So begins the growing season in New Hampshire: short, sweet, and hopeful.

P1140998_ (Large)



6 responses to “If the tree in the kitchen is gone, it’s spring

  1. Judy Lambert

    What a way with words Paige!

  2. Love the beautiful yellows! As much as I love fall, and usually enjoy winter, I am SO glad spring is finally deciding to show up!

  3. vintagefrenchchic

    I feel your joy! Things are greening up here too and the tulips might actually make it for Tulip Time this year. Yay!! Happy Spring, chere Paige.

  4. P, Hello from Salem, OR ….en route to Seattle from CO and So. CA.
    Your words are as smooth as a fine wine …and the pixs are true to your usual quality. D

  5. The yellow is a burst of sunshine over a fence and from the rear of a pick-up truck. Spider Web?

  6. Oh, I love this post! You have a way with words, and with picture taking! Have a great weekend! x

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