The virtues of February

P1140869 (Large)

As a way of showing February the door – and I have no doubt that most New Englanders are happy to see it go, with four storms in the last four weeks – I thought I’d post a few photos taken this week showing just how beautiful it is here this time of year.  I keep inviting my Northwest friends to visit in February, citing the natural beauty of New Hampshire in winter, but so far no one has taken me up on that offer.  Maybe this will change their minds.

P1140871 (Large)

P1140896 (Large)

P1140910 (Large)

All of these photos were taken between my home and my office; as much as I’d love to spend time shooting on mornings like these, I do need to work.  Therefore I sometimes have to try a little harder to find images I like in my allotted ten mile drive, but that in itself is a challenge.

P1140920 (Large)

P1140907 (Large)

P1140889 (Large)

P1140919 (Large)

Even under all this snow, with spring no more than a vague light at the end of the tunnel, the locals have not lost their sense of humor.  With our most recent storm delivering heavy, wet snow (what we in Seattle used to call Cascade Cement) a few snowmen popped up in front yards … along with a giant, purple-tongued shark.

P1140918 (Large)

Keep smiling, New Hampshire – spring is on its way.


17 responses to “The virtues of February

  1. Oh those are great. I laughed at the bench – talk about a cold seat!! And then laughed out loud at the streets in Wolfeboro. Very unique. That snow on the trees really is beautiful and makes gorgeous pictures. I like the one that has a bit of red in the background – house? barn? whatever. Very pretty.

  2. vintagefrenchchic

    No doubt about it…it is truly gorgeous. Where I live, we have gotten some hefty amounts of snow but in between storms it melts and leaves ugly, soggy, slush everywhere. I would rather it snow and stay…until March 1st.

    • Yes March 1st does seem to be the cutoff for snow tolerance, doesn’t it? The first year we were here, I was told that March would start to look like spring … and it snowed and snowed and snowed. It was depressing!!

  3. Some day this Northwesterner will make it to N.H. in February. I will stock up on warm galoshes and long underwear first, however. Love the shark!

  4. Glorious photos of a place and a seasonal state we do not know Down Under! Beautiful! Another photographic delight I’ll try and fit into my friendspace 🙂 !

    • Thank you, you know I would love to see photos of your Down Under, too … do you have a place I can visit? 🙂

      • Give me a little time, beautiful lady, and I’ll get back to you! I am basically a food blogger without my own blog as yet, but I do get around!! happy early springtime . . . Eha

  5. These are gorgeous, Paige! You guys definitely got hit hard in February – after Nemo we didn’t get more snow and a lot of snow has melted now since we’ve gotten rain! I would actually have preferred if the snow stayed…It’s so much prettier than the rain! Love these photos 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m surprised that your snow has melted … seems like most of our storms have come up from the south. I am awaiting some late winter/early spring photos from that new camera of yours!

  6. Eclectic Medicine Design House

    The snow is beautiful! We are in the sweltering heat of Summer in Australia, so this has a nice cooling effect. 🙂

  7. Looks like you got way more snow up your way than in southern New Hampshire. Such gorgeous photos! Winter is such a pretty time of year and you captured it perfectly! Though I love, love all the snow, by March my attentions and excitement turn to spring. The forecast looks rather spring-like down here this week. It’s getting me excited!

  8. hi paige, first off, you have such an amazing blog! love it:)
    i totally enjoyed your winter photos. that first shot did catch my eye. but all are beautiful!
    what a great start to my day!

    and thanks so much for your wonderful comment. it is much appreciated:)

    wishing you a great day~

  9. The snow is beautiful! New Hampshire is where we want to end up in about 5 years 🙂 We are moving back to CT in 2 weeks and I keep having to remind myself that it’s still winter in New England right now! I was about to pack all the snow stuff away but I think I’m going to need it out in our suitcases!

    • HI Megan, I love the title of your blog! Where are you moving from? I think CT got hit hard in this last storm but it should melt fast … spring should be right around the corner!

  10. Very beautiful images!

  11. Fresh clean snow & blue skies ….gets me every time. But the first shot (of the bench) is my favorite. Hope you’re weathering the latest storm(s). How cold has it been? Cheers, D

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