Winnipesaukee, anyone?

Houses here around the Big Lake are diverse … there are the McMansions, the camps from the 1930s, old inns, new Capes, and farmhouses with acreage that rent out cottages on the water. There is truly something for everyone.

Photo Feb 05, 11 49 05 AM (Large)Working in a real estate office it is fun to see what comes across my desk. Almost always, of course, I see these houses only through the lens of a camera, but today I got to visit an open house in Wolfeboro that is exceptional even by Wolfeboro standards. And for once I’m not sure my co-workers went strictly for the lunch.

Photo Feb 05, 12 21 48 PM (Large)The list of amenities in this house are as long as my arm. Just the location is mind-boggling: 58 acres with a whopping 2,349 feet of waterfront. (I’ve seen an acre with 100′ of frontage and a tear-down go for a million dollars.) Walking in the first thing you notice is the woodwork … it is everywhere, and is it spectacular. The quality of the craftsmanship is obvious. There is a dining room to the left, a staircase to the right, and an enormous great room straight ahead that looks out over the water (which, right now, is frozen).

Photo Feb 05, 12 16 11 PM (Large)Here are just a few of the specs: there are 37 rooms, 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and 17,300 square feet of living space. The yearly taxes are nearly what we paid for our house. There is a 3-bay boathouse, a 4-slip boat dock and a sandy beach. I wandered down gleaming wood hallways to discover room after beautiful room: a bright yellow exercise room, huge office with doors to a deck overlooking the water, an indoor spa, three elevators, a 15-seat theater, a wine cellar with stone walls, a room just for video games with one of the biggest tv screens I’ve ever seen, a gorgeous au pair suite, the commercial chef’s kitchen (naturally), a room with 8 bunk beds and a round window, and an enormous room downstairs with game tables, a kitchen area, fireplace, and enough proximity to the wine cellar that I could have just lived there. There were enough staircases and bathrooms to confuse even a GPS, and there were rooms that I didn’t even know what they were for. There are indoor and outdoor grills. The house is immaculate, and also features full house security, cameras, HVAC, computer server, and video and audio systems that are all internet remote accessible. Oh, and there was a cavernous garage that my brother would probably die for. Honestly, you could get lost here. My friend had to text me to find me.

Photo Feb 05, 12 08 56 PM (Large)Photo Feb 05, 11 50 33 AM (Large)

As a bit of history, this house was certified by the Secret Service in 2007 for the visit of French President Sarkozy. (And I have a photo of him eating lunch at the restaurant across the street from my office. You just never know who or what you’ll see in Wolfeboro.)

Photo Feb 05, 11 48 19 AM (Large)So, while I’d still prefer my 129-year-old house with the uneven floors and leaky radiators to this, it was fun to fantasize for awhile about living here. I’d check out the theater and make use of the popcorn machine. I’d watch the ice fishermen on the lake from the spa room. I might even try sliding down those long, polished hallways in my stocking feet. And I’d definitely name that moose looking down on one of the second-floor landings.

Photo Feb 05, 12 13 47 PM (Large)Do you know anyone looking for a luxury home on Lake Winnipesaukee? The asking price is $13,600,000. They’ll probably even throw in the moose. Call me.




10 responses to “Winnipesaukee, anyone?

  1. Looks like it wouldn’t take much to move in. Sue and I will take it. We’ll rent out some of the room to pay the mortgage. šŸ™‚

  2. OMG. Only one question…where’s a picture of the moose?

  3. Wow. That is an amazing place. If the photos are that gorgeous, I can’t even imagine how it must look in person!

  4. Paige ….I think you’ve found another calling …. RE flyers (or have you been doing that for awhile)? Great pixs and synopsis! On the road to CO ….D

  5. vintagefrenchchic

    This house is crazy big and beautiful We just stayed a couple nights at a Bed and Breakfast that was only 11,000 sq. ft (and it thought it was huge). I am sitting here trying to imagine living in nearly 8x the living space. NO THANKS. But this home does look very lovely.

  6. This is absolutely delightful: I have posted on far too much this week to make my readership interested for much longer – but hope i may file this and share with all the difficult photos next week or so!

  7. That is a gorgeous lake house! It’s hard to imagine what anyone would do with that amount of square footage, but those places are so cool to look around.

  8. Obviously I need to hurry up and get an amazing job and become incredibly wealthy..soon. Hahaa. This house is GORGEOUS, and can you imagine the hide-n-seek games you could have there?! Definitely seems like it could be used as a bed and breakfast or something.

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