The architecture of January


On this weekend morning during a January thaw I only meant to make a quick trip to the post office. But as I ventured out I quickly realized the warm air and cold ground made for a great opportunity for photos.

The dictionary lists the definition of the word “architecture” as “the structure or design of anything.” I thought it was an appropriate word during this cold month, as everything is stripped-down, austere, and unadorned except for the last orange-brown oak leaves that have managed to stay clinging to the trees. Simple in its beauty, January in New England highlights the stark Colonial buildings, white-on-white in the snow. Structure and design become obvious as repetitive forms take center stage: six-over-six windows lined up on the side of a barn, fieldstones stacked into walls alongside the roads, the decorative trim on a Victorian porch. This time of year you see things that you don’t notice otherwise … with no color in the landscape, a red door now stands out. Ice transforms a row of docks. January is all about the details.

So here are a few photos from around the village as I made my way to the post office and back. It is close enough that I can walk to it … but today I took the long way around. See if you agree that it was worth the trip!

P1140806_ (Large)

P1140808_ (Large)

P1140812_1 (Large)

P1140815 (Large)

P1140816 (Large)



16 responses to “The architecture of January

  1. Thank you for taking me to a delightful winter walk ‘up your way’! the photos are just beautiful and will be filed! For me it was truly worth going the long way . . . am still dragging my heels . . .

    • Thank you! Is there still record heat in your part of the world?

      • Oh yes, another heat wave beginning tomorrow 😦 ! And another six or so weeks to go ere we can begin breathing in peace! In the cities, it is just the discomfort and brown, awful haze – if you live next to a tinderdry National Park like me, you DO say your prayers!! Thank you for knowing, thank you for asking!!!!!

  2. They all beg that they are black and white photos, not color which they are. Are you going out to find fog this morning? It’s all around!
    Judy B

  3. I am in awe my friend, how are not already writing for Country Living and many others. So very talented – with the soul of an artist in everything you do.

  4. As usual, you make me want to sprint to the magnificent Lake Winnepesaukee area and share in the wonders that you bring out in any season. Always enjoy your photos and copy– gotta get you a job in the industry!!

  5. These are gorgeous, Paige. My favorite is the last one though – it just looks very magical and mysterious; it’s beautiful. Thanks for sharing these, and happy new year! 🙂

  6. Such magical, beautiful photographs and prose. The lake photos are amazing. Thanks for posting these.

  7. vintagefrenchchic

    So, so pretty!

  8. stunning photography – you are so lucky to be surrounded by this beauty every day ….

  9. P, Though the one with the rock fence row gets the A+ for ‘Composition’, I’m always drawn to your capture of the reflections on the water. Long live lakes & streams. I also have to agree with “DeDe”. While your photos have always amazed, it’s your narrative prose that captures the moment. Very nice ‘stuff’. D

  10. Oh, Paige, these are gorgeous! You should frame them! You said it so perfectly, about what makes winter beautiful here. Such a beautiful post!

  11. I can really feel how cold it is, looking at these photos. Gorgeous as always. I love the stone fence….

  12. I LOVE the photo of the stone wall….my favorite thing about New England! Beautiful photos!

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