Boston’s First Night


First Night here in this city is the oldest and largest in the US.  Having never been to a First Night celebration, and not having been in Boston in years, I was excited to get reacquainted with the city.  I was not disappointed … Boston is beautiful!!

The number of events held here last night is amazing – ranging from free admission to museums to trampolene acrobats to ice sculptures.  Over a thousand artists, musicians and performers entertained the crowds but nothing seemed crowded; the atmosphere was festive, with cameras flashing and kids with LED-lit glasses and young women in sparkly outfits, showing off their legs with high heels on uneven brick streets in 35* weather.  Hm.

Photo Dec 31, 3 22 34 PM (Medium)

We saw Indian drummers and balloon artists and street singers.  Quincy Market was alive with hundreds of people having a bite to eat under the central dome while listening to live music.  The ground was covered with snow, but not enough to inhibit travel; Copley Square was buzzing with visitors trying to get a glimpse of the ice sculptures, carved with a chainsaw and some weighing more than 30 tons, before fingers and toes got too cold…

Photo Dec 31, 4 24 26 PM_ (Medium)

Photo Dec 31, 4 28 08 PM (Medium)

Dinner was at a charming Italian restaurant in the North End, providing the necessary warmth to thaw said fingers and toes.  Hanover Street was lit up like a Christmas tree and Italian bakeries and eateries lined the street like a string of ornaments.

Topping off the evening, as we made our way back to the car, was the largest Christmas tree in New England and the announcement on a loudspeaker that “Blink” was about to begin.  “Blink”  features the music of the Pops and is a light and sound show that features 350,000 LED lights illuminating the area of Quincy Market.  The music, synced with the lights, was pure magic — we managed to catch the Hallelujah Chorus set to lights.  Unforgettable.

Photo Dec 31, 7 28 09 PM (Medium)

Happy New Year, indeed … Boston knows how to throw a party!
Wishing everyone only the best for 2013 …




11 responses to “Boston’s First Night

  1. Sounds like quite a party. I would like to see the “Blink” performance. Maybe I can youtube it? Happy 2013 to you too!! It’s gonna be a good year.

  2. These pictures are beautiful!! Love that tree. Sounds like they put on a pretty fancy affair. Very nice.


  3. Sounds wonderful. I love Boston.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Wish I could come to Boston’s Party once upon the time. Here in Sydney we still have not ended our yearly ‘brag’ about our beautiful Harbour fireworks on New Year’s Eve, BUT don’t think so many other activities are really going on! Perhaps we better come and learn 🙂 !

    • Oh … Sydney would be WONDERFUL to visit … did you go see the fireworks on Monday night? I’ll bet it’s beautiful over the harbor!

      • Sydney IS a very special place, but I live about 100 km south in the Highlands – too big a hassle to come and mingle amongst the hundreds of thousands. Methinks the organizers are somewhat running out of ideas or we are getting very spoiled also. Actually, whilst the fireworks used to be held around the famous Coathanger [Bridge], now they are let off in a line kilometers either side as well: quite beautiful! Also many suburban areas further afield have their own firework.concert programme! Weather was perfect at about 24 degrees C at midnight, so . . . I would advise Sydney in January as a month long cultural festival is held with quite a wonderful array of overseas attractions, exhibitions etc. Lovely weather . . . .

      • It sounds wonderful. I’m not sure I’ll ever get there, but I’m fascinated. What town do you live in? I’d love to hear about Australia in general. Do you have a blog, or anywhere you post photos?

  5. Thanks Paige …2 years ago, when we saw your during our whirl-wind tour of New England …our one day in Boston was just enough for each of us to realize that we definately need to return there to really soak in the experience. This snap shot is a whole new side of that city that makes me want to get back there more. Happy New Year to you and your kittys ! D

  6. Congratulations on your inaugural First Night! You capture part of the essence of Boston! Nice job! J

  7. Awesome! Boston is so awesome and this time of year there is magical! We only live about 40-45 miles from the city, so we go there often. My favorite city ever!

  8. I loved Boston when we were there. I only wish we could experience it deeper and at different times of the year. Fascinating city!

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