Thoughts on a snowstorm

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The first major snowfall of the season is always an event.  While many people hope for a white Christmas, Mother Nature this year chose to bless New England with snow the day after Christmas.

I love a good snow day – the idea that there is nowhere you have to be, and even getting out of your pjs is optional.  White flakes falling in silent drifts outside the window, cats sprawled in front of a warm fireplace, maybe a pot of corn chowder on the stove.  My kind of day.

Photo Dec 29, 3 25 46 PM_ (Large)

I had a different kind of experience during this storm.  Coming in from Chicago in the middle of the night, Manchester Airport was white with blowing snow.  Concerned because I did not know exactly where I’d left my car (a shuttle had brought me to the terminal when I arrived), I questioned several airport workers about the location of the long-term parking lot.  On the third try I met a man who not only actually knew where the lot was, but he volunteered to drive me there!  As snow accumulated on my suitcase in the back of his pickup, he spent fifteen minutes driving me through lot D (where I thought my car was) and then through lot C (where my car actually was!).  This guy was a real prince … patient, helpful and pleasant, although, as he said, there normally wasn’t a lot for him to do at 1 a.m.  Depositing me at my car, finally, he hoisted the suitcase into the back and I thanked him profusely.

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Then came the job of cleaning the snow off the car.  I spent ten minutes pushing snow off the windshield with a long brush, with much of it blowing back in my face, ankle-deep in snow and by now tired of travel in general.  My hair was wet and my fingers were frozen.  As I drove through the gate to pay for parking, the cashier said to me, “Wow, my supervisor was right!”  Having no idea what he meant, I said, “…what?”  He replied,  “He radioed me and said he was driving around an attractive woman!”  At this hour of the morning, after flying 3000 miles and looking at the moment like something the cat dragged in, this comment made me smile.

Instead of driving home I spent that night at a nearby hotel, getting to bed at 3 a.m.  Much like the year I spent a night in the Chicago airport, this was a Christmas travel story I won’t forget.  Thank you, two airport workers, for making my day … in the middle of the night, in the middle of a storm, they went out of their way to help a bedraggled stranger and keep a sense of humor.  There really ARE plenty of good people out there in the world, and it’s nice to be reminded of that at Christmas.

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Merry Christmas, everyone.


18 responses to “Thoughts on a snowstorm

  1. You probably made their night too!! 🙂 Glad you’re home safely and that you’re warm.

  2. Glad to hear you’re home safe & sound; the cats are happy (I’m sure), and sad that we didn’t find time for lunch out here. Maybe next time. Happy New Year Paige. D

  3. Gorgeous photos, and a heartwarming story! Happy to hear that strangers still do good deeds and that you got home safely! 🙂 I hope you had a beautiful christmas and that 2013 is a wonderful year for you!

  4. From a comfortably warm Sunday pm Down Under, I suppose I am not supposed to praise a couple of the most beautiful ‘snow scene’ photos I have seen ? Yes, a heartening story that we all still care one for the other . . .

  5. A great recounting of yet another adventure. Are all the photos since you came home? They are beautiful.

  6. Thank you for reminding me how beautiful New England is! Being here all of my life I tend to just take the scenery for granted!! It really is a beautiful place to be whether its snowy or during a heat wave.We have the best! Thanks again for sharing your great pics and stories! Happy New Year!!

  7. vintagefrenchchic

    What an adventure! Happy you made if home safe and sound. I love a good snow fall too. We finally had one a couple of days ago but it hardly left enough to last. I took a pathetic photo of what we did get yesterday just so I could post it. I am ready for some good accumulation…as long as I don’t have to go anywhere. : )

    • I agree, snowfall is great as long as you can plan a snow day around it. And I’m thinking even your “pathetic” photos are beautiful…. 🙂

  8. What a fun story, and love how these two gentlemen made what seemed like a difficult situation to be in a pleasurable experience. Happy New Year!

  9. Oh wow! Great story! I know that airport well, since it’s not far from where I live and I drive my husband there constantly. I love your photos of the snow! I totally agree with you, I love a snow day! They are the best! Happy New Year to you!

  10. Paige your pictures are, as always, gorgeous. And I’m glad you finally made it home from the airport safely! It was good to see you at Christmas, though I’m sorry I didn’t get to see more of you. Maybe next year [: P.S. is I really love the two pictures of the trees and the road. If possible I would love to have a copy of them to frame. What does the lower pic look like in b&w? Happy New Year!!!

    • I almost posted the second road photo in b&w because it does look good. I can either send the hi-resolution photos to you, or print them out in whatever size you want and mail them to you. Your choice. Let me know?

  11. Uhm, I think email them to me please. I want to find frames that will best show them off first, and no idea what size they may be :]

  12. I’m so behind in looking at your pictures! But again am so rewarded when I do get in here to see them. Love the pix, love the story of the helpful (and complimentary) strangers, and love that we got to see you over the holidays! I know the timing was tough, but we both so appreciate you and your mom making some time for us. 🙂

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