Fine focus: Violet

This next installment in a series of photo collections, organized by theme, was inspired by this quote:

“I have finally discovered the color of the atmosphere … it is violet.”
~ Claude Monet


P1090758_ (Large)

Wells sunset (Medium)



Linda (6)

P1110467 (Large)



7 responses to “Fine focus: Violet

  1. Wow, these pics are absolutely gorgeous…I especially love the Rue De Chateau shot…..:) look forward to seeing more…

  2. [smiling!] A beautiful melange . . . perhaps better be just a tad jealous ’cause I can mulitply the last photo of bubby agapanthuses by about a thousand at the moment: that does not man I can take such photos . . .

  3. vintagefrenchchic

    Well done and beautiful!

  4. I love the first photograph a lot for some reason, Just mysterious beauty quality to the lighting/coloring of the snow [:

  5. I’m with Kayla…loved that first photo! And you and your colorful doors….you never cease to amaze me how you can spot that color, and then bring it to life in a photograph!

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