Halloween is for kids

No matter what grownups say, Halloween is definitely for kids. I spent the evening helping hand out candy to 206 trick-or-treaters, some with pacifiers still in their mouths and others that probably could have been driving themselves around.  For the most part the costumes were clever and worn with pride … Batman and Dracula, princesses and butterflies, mobsters and firemen.  My personal favorites were the ones so small they had to climb the stairs on all fours — there was an adorable little panda, a ladybug with red hearts on her wings, and a baby dressed as a banana.  Some had apparently already dipped into their stash, judging from the chocolate rim around their lips.  The size of the trick-or-treat bag also seemed to increase with the size of the child … the smallest ones carried little plastic pumpkins and didn’t seem to know what to do with the candy; the older ones came holding out pillowcases.  Optimists.  I liked one little girl who kept coaching her younger sibling by whispering in her ear, “Say Happy Halloween!!”

It’s good to have a friend to make the rounds with!

“I got my goodies!”

A good-lookin’ cowpoke

This one, not quite sure what it was all about, took her candy and then turned to her mother and asked, “Are we done now?”

These last two photos were taken at the Children’s Parade in Wolfeboro.  The little girl in the pink was obviously the one in the know, and seemed to be giving last-minute instructions to the other girl – who apparently was happily buying it all.  You can read the personalities of these two just by looking at them.  Don’t they just beg a caption?

Happy Halloween!







5 responses to “Halloween is for kids

  1. Hi Paige….
    Just returned from CO last eve. Had a great time with grand kids tonight. Your pixs (as usual) are great in capturing the moment.
    OMG, 206 kids …where?

    • 206 kids on a street in downtown Wolfeboro that parallels Main Street. I think they truck ’em in from neighboring towns! Thanks for your nice comment … as usual!

  2. Adorable photos! 🙂 Glad to see you have power too 🙂

  3. Great pictures! Wonderful blog! Thanks for coming to my blog. I’ll be following you as well. We had nearly 2000 children come to our house to trick or treat. I kid you not.

  4. I love the black and orange butterfly! That picture just really captured the magic of the night. I wish we got trick-or-treaters…the most we’ve ever had is 13, and this year we had ONE – my cousin brought his little granddaughter over.

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