Confessions of a leaf-peeper

I have been a New England leaf-peeper for more years than I care to admit.  Being a transplant to New Hampshire, my fascination with colored leaves stemmed from the lack of them where I grew up.  Sure, the Sweet Gum tree in my grandmother’s yard was gorgeous (it also has the delicious name Liquidambar), but where were the forests of red and gold that I read about in my books?  I remember carefully pressing Sweet Gum leaves in our thick phone book, and being satisfied that I’d done my autumnal duty.

I first visited New England when I was 19 and fell in love with it.  October here is a riot of color, almost as if it knows that the next six months or so will be nearly devoid of color altogether and it has to cram in every last drop of red, yellow and orange.  Autumn is short-lived, but worth the wait.

Even though I have been here for twelve years, I have to confess that I still refuse to go away – anywhere – during these brief few golden weeks.  Vacation?  Forget it … why would anyone want to miss this show?  I am happily out there among the leaf-peepers — the tourist that I once was — snapping away with my camera and not caring what anyone thinks.

And I still press a few leaves in a phone book, to be taken out when the melee of color fades to the monochromatic months of winter and all is quiet again.


11 responses to “Confessions of a leaf-peeper

  1. I love outdoor photography, have never been to New England, but would love to go. Now would be the perfect time of year.

  2. Gorgeous, wonderful pictures! It is like I hear it saying myself what you have said. Just fall colors were much more visible in Lithuania where I am from than in Iceland where I live now. Your photos make me smile and look at them over and over again!

  3. So gorgeous! I’m coming to live with you!

  4. Beautiful!!! Nothing more need be said!

  5. Paige, you are a prize for anyone to call a friend. You are my ‘inside connection’ to that slice of paradise called New England. I trust my favorite red tree has performed well this season? I have one more week to fight the tumble weeds here in CO. Then it’s back to the glorious PNW. Great pix & words (as usual). D

  6. Breathtaking as usual. And it’s fun to know I’ve seen much of what you photograph in person! My favs of these photos are the 3rd one and the last one, but they are all gorgeous. Rick is still pining to go back….

  7. Very very beautiful. Are the leaves on the steps on your front steps?

  8. Paige,
    Your photos are STUNNING! And your copy is so well written. Give up your day job– REALLY!- and pursue your creativity. The world would be a better place.

  9. Paige, these are such gorgeous photos! I must have missed this post but I am so happy I stumbled on it now! These pictures are amazing and the colors are stunning. How I love the fall here in New England! Although it was cut short here by the arrival of Sandy, it was oh-so-beautiful while it lasted, and you captured it brilliantly!

  10. vintagefrenchchic

    This post makes me want to visit New England….gorgeous photos.

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