September has nearly come and gone and, despite the fact that it is one of my very favorite months of the year, I have failed to post any photos.  It seems the days go by so quickly that before I know it the month is gone.  September does not go by unnoticed, though.

The first sign of impending Autumn is the black-eyed Susans.  They bloom a long time and are the color of late summer.  Right behind them are the “back-to-school trees”, the peegee hydrangeas, which herald the beginning of the school year.  These are among my favorite plants … they bloom white, then pink, then fade to tan.  Best of all, you can cut them, stick them in a vase, and they dry while holding their shape and color.  Peegees are plentiful here.

Also blooming now are the Autumn Crocus.  I bought these bulbs on the island years ago from a woman who sang their praises.  She was right — an unusual plant, the bulbs shoot up green leaves in the spring but no flowers; the leaves die back, then nothing happens again until fall when the flowers appear … with no leaves!

September started out warm, leftover weather from a hot and humid August, but has mellowed to just-shy-of-70-degree bright and breezy days.  Nights are cooler, trees are tinged with red, and mums and pumpkins are finding their way onto front porches.  Soon the spectacular autumn color will begin – my favorite time of year.  Before that, though, I have a trip to take.  I’m always itching to see new things when September rolls around.

So long, summer … you treated New Hampshire well this year. Your long warm days will be missed!


3 responses to “September

  1. Nice tribute to summer. I love the last image as though she is saying goodbye to summer.

  2. Beautiful photos; I especially love that last picture.

  3. I love the black-eyed Susan’s, and the picture with the single leaf. I would much rather look at your photos than go to an art gallery anywhere.

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