Fine focus: bicycles

This is the fourth installment in a series of photo collections, organized by theme.  I really don’t know why anyone would intentionally go out and photograph bicycles, but I found quite by accident that I seem to have done just that, and often enough to have a collection!  The photo above is one of my favorites, taken in a medieval village in southwest France and set up apparently to call attention to the little shop it was parked next to.  But then, let’s face it, the French can make just about anything look beautiful … even their laundry is pretty, and I have the photos to prove it!  (Note to self for next trip:  start collection of French laundry pictures…)

So, I present here my bevy of bicycles.  Enjoy!

A show of patriotism at First Light Farm in New Hampshire

A captivating doorway in Monpazier, France

Outside an antique shop in Maine

Trafalgar Square, London

This one, in Besse, France, was almost unrecognizable under all the geraniums!






6 responses to “Fine focus: bicycles

  1. Amazing how you can make something so everyday and ordinary seem so special!

  2. Excellent photos as always . Could you do the same with motorcycles??

  3. Why is it …every time I see an old bicycle, I think of Pee Wee Herman!
    I remember most of these pictures from all your previous travel collections. They are all unique, and seem to leave one with an added curiosity as to ownership. I’m with Rick …I’d like to see what you could do with motorcycles!
    Nice job Paige. Dan

  4. Love the one with all the geraniums! Although all the pictures are wonderful, as usual. Just beautiful.

  5. I love these photos! It’s a great idea to post photos according to a theme, and these are wonderful.

  6. I love the geranium one. Think I have it here somewhere. But don’t pay attention to Rick. He just wants Harleys!!!!

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