America’s birthday party

All small towns throw a party on the fourth of July, and Wolfeboro is no exception.  It begins with a parade down Main Street and ends with fireworks over Wolfeboro Bay.  This year had a new twist, though, when it was rumored that a local resident was to be in the parade.

Looking north on Main Street, waiting for the parade

Live music from a jazz band entertained us while we waited

We’d been hearing for days that Mitt Romney was in residence at his waterfront home, and that security was high on the lake.  Yesterday it was confirmed that he would indeed be part of the parade, and anticipation seemed high this morning as residents – both year-round and summer – congregated on Main Street.  Romney has been part of the Wolfeboro parade in the past, but never as a presidential candidate.

Dressing the part for the 4th of July parade

I loved the boots …

A patriotic kid!

Talk here lately is what, if anything, would happen to the  town if he were to become president.  Would Wolfeboro be the next Kennebunkport, and if so, is that a good thing?  Both sides have valid arguments.  As the Boston Globe put it today, “it is unlikely that a sitting president could buy Boar’s Head Ovengold Turkey Breast down at Hunter’s Market – as Romney is wont to do, according to one former deli worker – without causing a major stir.”  Would a Summer White House bring more prosperity to the town, or just higher property taxes?  Time will tell.

Jerilyn, all smiles

Giving thanks

Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda wannabes

So, to get on with the celebration, there are certain requirements for a proper Independence Day:
– Sunshine, heat and humidity (and sunburn)?    Check.
– Eating something for dinner off a grill?    Check.
– Wearing red, white and blue?    Check.
– Shaking hands with the man who might possibly be the next president of the United States?    Check.

Parades are for kids of all ages!

The Lawn Chair Drill Team is a perennial crowd-pleaser

A car that can swim!

Regardless of your political views, it was fun to meet a public figure in this kind of setting.  I also shook hands with our state senator, Kelly Ayotte.  Both seemed personable and genuine.  I think everyone had a good time today, possibly even the Secret Service.  While I am not a fan of all the aspects of a small town, this IS one of the benefits: accessibility.  Here, Mitt Romney is just one of the guys in the checkout line at Hunter’s Market.

Happy Fourth of July!

Looking south on Main Street

A little beauty whose name I did not catch

Mitt with a cookie in hand

Happy birthday, USA!





4 responses to “America’s birthday party

  1. Very cool!!! Glad it wasn’t Obama……..

  2. Wow! Looks like a wild time in your little town! Great job reporting it!

  3. Love pictures from small towns on the 4th of July. Those little kids are precious, every single one of them! I mostly love that those kids grow up understanding what the 4th is about – it’s not just a reason to blow up fireworks all night long like it seems to be around here. We sort of got “caught” in the 4th of July parade in Kingston – ask Rick about it. I waved as we drove along, anyway! Great job, as always, Paige.

  4. Sorry for the delayed response …I got side-tracked with a Home Owner’s Assoc. crisis. Somehow, I sensed that you might be involved at documenting the Mitt presence over the 4th …and a great job, as usual. I especially liked the close-ups of the kids, the “On Golden Pond” boat idea, and the boat-car. Observation question: Why does the diner spell their name differently (Wolfeborough)? Just curious

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