Heat wave

Photo courtesy SKF

You know it’s hot and sticky when it doesn’t take any gel to make your hair stand straight up!  For those who don’t recognize him, this is Nathaniel, who spent the first six months of his life camped out next to his mom’s desk in our office.  You may remember him from this photo below (some things haven’t changed!)

Happy summer, it’s hot as a firecracker in New Hampshire!


4 responses to “Heat wave

  1. Oh dear, I don’t know which one of those made me laugh the most. The top one looks like he just stuck a finger in a light socket. I guess you might call that one a ‘bad hair day’…….too cute.

  2. Still a cutie, with amazing blue eyes! 🙂

  3. He’s beautiful. Hairstyle didn’t change much!! LOL

  4. Absolutely FUNNY ….I like #2 the best !! Give me a clue who?

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