Moose Pond, Maine

While about 250,000 crazy people descended on the Lakes Region this week for Motorcycle Weekend in Weirs Beach, I opted to go in search of a quieter state.  On the other side of Freedom, New Hampshire you pass a sign that says, “Welcome to Maine … The Way Life Should Be.”  I have never doubted the veracity of this slogan, and my Saturday in Maine was just further proof.

There are over a dozen Moose Ponds in Maine.  I will not say exactly which one I visited, because maybe they are all just as beautiful.

The water was crystal clear and the surface was like glass – mirror-image along the edge of the lake, which is lined with maples, pines, and blueberry bushes.  Yellow and white water lilies are scattered across the surface, dragonflies are everywhere, fish jump just close enough to tease.

Although the pond’s name implies a moose sighting, I was not that fortunate.  A big deer ventured out to have his picture taken, though.  What didn’t I get photos of?  The osprey, the loons, and the biggest turtle I have ever seen – he was at least 12″ across.  He slipped into the water before I could even focus.

Tucked way back in a marshy cove thick with weeds and water lilies is a huge beaver abode; I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one this close up.  Between this and the beaver dam was a pristine little spot with calm water, the sounds of the rushing water of the dam just behind, and the feeling that you are the only living soul on the lake.

And there WAS no one else on the lake.

Sunfish shimmer just below the surface (you can see their nests in the shallow water), the redwing blackbirds chatter as they protect their own nests, and the loon’s strange call echoes across the lake.  This pond feels untouched, unspoiled, uninhabited and unbelievably beautiful.

On a weekend where New Hampshire rumbles like thunder and you can’t find a quiet corner anywhere, Maine looks better than ever.  It’s the way life should be.


4 responses to “Moose Pond, Maine

  1. Beautiful photos.

    I got a chuckle out of the “Yot club” sign. 🙂

  2. Spectacular scenery! I love those reflective, mirror image pictures. Some of my favorites that we took ourselves back there were similar. Beautiful. And I loved the “YOT Club” sign! Too cute.

  3. Linda Freyberg

    I want to be there! So beautiful and peaceful. Thanks for sharing your lovely part of the country.

  4. Paige, You certainly have a way with words. It’s almost to a point that the beauty of your stories equals that of the photos themselves …if that is possible! Was this pond close to your cabin? Please explain how you produced & captured the effect on the last photo.

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