Writing with light on a Maine pond

“Where there is light, there are shadows.”  This is a saying that could have come from a photographer.  Light and shadows live together, are inseparable, and photographers depend on them to create pictures.  The word “photography” comes from the Greek “phos” meaning light, and “graphine” meaning to write. Simply put, photography is writing with light.

In ancient times people believed that shadows were signs of some divine presence around an object.  Today we know shadow as optic phenomena, but in our perceptions shadows still remain associated with some mystery.  That is why shadows have always been of interest to visual artists – painters and photographers – and water, in particular, produces some fascinating images. The reflection of light on moving water is not something many people look at closely, but the effect is abstract and beautiful.

Light and shadow on a Maine pond on a sunny spring day – click to enlarge the photos, and enjoy!


3 responses to “Writing with light on a Maine pond

  1. Magnificent! I especially like the last one. Enlarged it is positively stunning!!!

  2. Breath-taking as always. I especially love the single lily picture. Beautiful!

  3. Very different …Do I know this pond? How’s the Maine cabin doing? D

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