Flowers as art

When we were kids, my brother and I would set up a stand on the front lawn and sell the dahlias that my parents grew.  The flowers were gorgeous:  huge dinnerplate dahlias, the yellow ones as big as the sun, the red ones as bright as a fire engine.  The plants, well-established in the rich Northwest soil, produced more flowers than you can imagine.  Only the neighbors paid us any money for them (on a dead-end road the neighbors were the only ones who saw them) but we were happy enough with that.  The leftover blooms came in the house and were not wasted.

Years later, when I grew my own dahlias, I began to look at them more closely and realized just how intricate they are.  The flowers are naturally photogenic and are usually shot straight-on, but the sensuous curves of the petals are what struck me – especially on the back side of the flower.  There I found complex curls and whorls and corkscrew petals, and after awhile the flower evolved into shapes and patterns and colors that eventually lost the “flower” label and became something else.

I am still experimenting, but I think this is where photography crosses the line into art.  I could photograph dahlias as often as Monet painted his water lilies.


7 responses to “Flowers as art

  1. These are beautiful.

  2. I used to drive by a dahlia “farm” on my way to work. I put farm in quotes because I think it was just someone with a lot of property who grew a lot of dahlias. When they were in bloom they sold them for a dollar a stem. You were handed scissors and sent out to cut yourself. They are extraordinary flowers. Your pictures are beautiful!

  3. Dahlias are always so beautiful, and now you’ve found a way to make them even more so! Lovely ~

  4. Beautiful!

  5. Paige ….I think you may have found yet another niche. Some of these remind me of a famous SW artist’s work (Georgia O’Keeffe). I visited her art gallery in Santa Fe, NM a few years ago. Like her paintings of flowers, your pixs are definately Suitable For Frames (SFF). D

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