The lakes region of New Hampshire

Winter Harbor, Lake Winnipesaukee

This central part of New Hampshire is known for its many lakes and pretty lakeside towns that surround them.  There are 273 lakes and ponds in the Lakes Region, with one lake dominating them all:  Lake Winnipesaukee, which stretches 72 miles across.  Other larger lakes in the area include Squam (remembered as the setting for the movie “On Golden Pond”, Waukewan, Winnisquam, Wentworth, Newfound, and more than 250 other various bodies of water.

Squam Lake

There is so much water around here, in some places there is a different lake on either side of the road.  It was years before I knew the names of all the bodies of water I passed by, just in the general Wolfeboro area.

Mirror Lake

While summer may be the season that comes to mind here because of the skyrocketing tourist population, the other seasons are just as beautiful – if not more so:  the hillsides wrapped in spring green, the blazing colors of fall, and the thick blanket of snow in winter.  Here are a few photos of the beautiful lakes of the Lakes Region.  Enjoy!

Melvin Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee

Lake Kanasatka

Wolfeboro Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee

A sparkling mountain pond ... name unknown



4 responses to “The lakes region of New Hampshire

  1. I’m so glad I signed up for these stories from a small village…..

  2. Once again beautiful pics! I think those of us who have lived here all of our lives take this beautiful scenery for granted.Thank you for sharing these pictures. Makes me realize we are in the best part of the country!!

  3. I am finally on for automatic updates! Yeah! I can’t agree more about how fortunate we are to live where we do. (except Northern Ireland and the south of France!)

  4. Wow ….you’ve been busy shooting & writing ….and I’ve been busy traveling to/from CO. Melvin Bay is my favorite here, but anything you shoot near water gets my attention! I really need to consider digging a ‘pond’ on our land in CO. You’ve inspired me.

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