Spring isn’t on the calendar

This week, spring came to Wolfeboro.

I’m not talking about temperatures (which have been all over the place), or a number on the calendar, or even a frame of mind. I’m talking about leaves.

As of yesterday, Wolfeboro has leaves.

Moving here from the Evergreen State, dealing with six months of leafless trees was not easy to adapt to.  It still isn’t.  I hate to see the leaves fall in October and I anxiously await them in May.  This year, with our unusual warm weather and lack of snow cover, the leaves are a good two weeks early.  No one is complaining.

Also absent this year is rain: in the past seven weeks we have had less than a half inch of rain.  April showers are not bringing May flowers.  The flowers are having to fend for themselves, but even in drought conditions seem to be pulling through.  My garden looks good despite the conditions. Nature has a way of adapting, even if I don’t.

So spring is here, as evidenced in other ways too – like the town workers doing their annual painting of the crosswalks, and the fruit trees bursting into blossom, and snow shovels disappearing from front porches.  New Hampshire wakes up from its restless winter sleep.  Welcome back, leaves … I’ve missed you.


3 responses to “Spring isn’t on the calendar

  1. I hear you on the leaves ….but ours are coming along well here also.
    Hate to leave next week for CO

  2. I hope you aren’t eating your words now…the weather report from back there sounds pretty awful for late April!

  3. Here in ALabama, we hardly had a winter so our flowers bloomed very early. It’s fun to them all over again in your city! LOVE forsythia, and yours is so pretty with the shadows it cast.

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