Learning to love London

I never had any desire to visit London.  It sounded wet and gray and dreary. Anything I ever really knew of London landmarks came from Beatles’ songs (now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall) and that information was, as you might guess, pretty thin.

But I was told that I would love London.  And I have to admit, after a little research I was itching to see the museums, the palaces and the pubs.  Vacationing in a city is fun because you don’t have a car to deal with, and the travel scales always tip in favor of an English-speaking country.

I spent the past seven days in London and I do love the city – it is beautiful.  I loved the architecture and the ease of getting around and the history (which I still can’t fully grasp) and the friendly people.  I loved the Victoria & Albert Museum and St Paul’s Cathedral.  I even loved the way the colors of the street reflected on the wet pavement, although we only had one day with rain and even that didn’t amount to more than a shower.  We had spectacular weather and we were lucky.  We soaked up the sun and the centuries and I’m sure that one day I will return to see the things I missed.  If all you know of London is Beatles lyrics, trust me … it’s worth exploring.

Tube station in the rain

The Sherlock Holmes restaurant

Street scene near Trafalgar Square

Tower Bridge

Old houses at the Tower of London

View of the city from St Paul's Cathedral

Old and new: St Paul's Cathedral

Row of white porches, Earl's Court

Mime, Windsor

Rooflines at Windsor Castle

Even the guard was cracking a smile........

Windsor Castle

Looking up from the lunch table, Victoria & Albert Museum

Angel, Victoria & Albert Museum

Architectural detail, train station

Swan on the Thames River, Windsor

Creative parking

The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew

Kew Gardens

Enjoying the spring weather, the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew

Westminster Abbey

Kew Gardens


5 responses to “Learning to love London

  1. Oh my. I was going to say which picture I like best, but they’re all just gorgeous. Those gardens! Those buildings! Loved the “angel” at the museum, the overall view of London, the Sherlock Holmes. How very British. Windsor Castle, Westminster Abbey. Must be even better in person. Oh to be young again.

  2. Loved your photographic tour and seeing places I fell in love with myself last year for the first time. I’ll be going back, for sure!

  3. Yes, beautiful and graceful photography, a pleasure to see!

  4. Love the lace on the lady statue. Beautiful florals as well. You always find just the right thing to photograph!

  5. P, You’ve created yet another entry on our “Bucket List”. I went to London a few years ago for a big international conference-planning meeting. Unfortunately, I had no time to play tourist. And, you are right ….in my experience, the scale definately tips towards the English-speaking countries. Each of your photos is ‘postcard material’. D

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