Fine focus: blue doors

I thought occasionally I would post a few photos all relating to a particular theme or color, and for this first time I’ve chosen one of my favorite subjects: blue doors.  Also my favorite color, I just can’t pass up a doorway drenched in any shade of blue (and I posted a local one just a few days ago).  While France, of course, is full of them, I’ve found and photographed them everywhere.  It’s fun to reach back into the archives and find photos that deserve to be viewed together.

Enjoy the tour!


9 responses to “Fine focus: blue doors

  1. Wow…Great collection of photos!

  2. love the blue doors also ~ thanks for sharing…

  3. Paige, I just love your photography and the way you describe your photos! You are very talented!

  4. Amazing photos! Only you could make an old door look beautiful!!

  5. Such a unique variety of blue doors! I love the yellow flowers in the one – beautiful contrast. You always manage to find the most unique colors everywhere!

  6. How lovely to meet you. I pray that it gets easier with time and for some strange reason blogging seems to help…the connections do you think?!!
    Red doors do it for me but after seeing these I could perhaps…maybe….just possibly be persuaded otherwise!!!

  7. P, As you well know by now, BLUE should have been my middle name! You seem to capture the essence of curiosity & beauty in the weather of time. No matter what the lighting, I doubt you need to delete any of your photos …you’re that good. How about BLUE boats next time around!? D

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