Several years ago on a bright, chilly, relatively snow-free February day, we took a trip over to Kennebunkport, Maine.  K’port is a beautiful little town that you cannot get anywhere near in July and August but is wonderfully accessible in the off-season.

The epitome of coastal Maine, this town is charming, classy and friendly, and it is due east from here – an easy drive.  There is a downtown area of a few intersecting streets full of tourist shops, casual enough to navigate in flipflops but upscale enough to incur $200-pink-sweater-envy (I know this for a fact).

You could spend hours admiring the parade of enormous white homes, charming inns and classic New England churches.  Everything is immaculate and properly prepped for the visitor, with buoys dotting the landscape and flavoring the views with the sea.

House dated 1797

There is no lack of things to do.  Lighthouses, lobster shacks, beautiful drives, the jagged coastline with its crumpled granite rocks.  In December there is a “Christmas tree” made of lobster traps, stacked up to the sky.  Saltbox houses.  Red lobster boats.  Yellow Adirondack chairs pulled up to ocean views and the smell of the sea.

This little section of southern Maine is a place where a visitor could stay a whole summer, explore every nook and cranny and still not see it all.  It is a place that lures a person back so many times that eventually it might be called home.



4 responses to “Kennebunkport

  1. Great shots, Paige! (typical) A classic New England coastal village. You captured it beautifully!

  2. Once again Paige,BEAUTIFUL !!

  3. Love the little heart on the yellow door.

  4. Guess we missed this village on our whirlwind tour ! All the more reason to re-visit NE. I especially like the first photo of the long dock with shadows, the orange door hinge (1797), the weathered boat & buoys, and the bright yellow chairs. Aw, Hell ….as usual, I like them ALL !! D

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