Abstract photography can be a lot of fun.  By definition it means that it does not represent the subject in a literal way, relying on form, color and line to create a composition.  While the following photos you may instantly recognize as frost on a windowpane, the images also stand on their own as art – even if you didn’t know what they were, they would still elicit an emotional response.  Enjoy!


6 responses to “Abstract

  1. AWESOME ! AWESOME ! AWESOME ! The hand of the Master Painter ,captured by few !


  3. Great window art!

  4. Gorgeous! You find beauty in the most amazing places. Thanks for sharing that beauty with us!

  5. Really beautiful!! I like Bob’s comment- that your work of art was created by the Master Painter. Great insight! And great observation on your part. Love your pix.

  6. Definately different …a little frosty there eh?
    Are these all YOUR windows? You must live in an icebox!
    Very pretty…

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