Picture this

“I photograph something to see what it looks like photographed.”
~ Garry Winogrand

I like this quote.  Sometimes this is the simplest reason for taking a picture … because sometimes the result looks completely different from what you imagined.  Many times I am disappointed – that’s not what I saw! – but other times something magical happens in the camera and you wind up thanking your lucky stars that you took the chance and made that picture.  That’s the fun of photography … that random element that combines with whatever technical knowledge you may possess to create something wonderful and unique.  It’s the thing that keeps me picking up the camera, keeps me thinking “I wonder what this would look like…?

Case in point:  this isn’t the dock at our camp.  This is a dock where, if you jump off just right, you land in the sky…..


6 responses to “Picture this

  1. I love this shot and I especially love what you wrote about it.

  2. WOW ! A Piece of “Heaven on earth “

  3. I agree! I would like to jump off that dock right now and float away. (mainly becuase I am not a very strong swimmer!)
    Thanks for the great pix and words!

  4. Hey …how did you do that? Amazing composition ….or is that called something else in the professional shooter’s jargon? And isn’t that favorite quote even more true, now that hi-rez digital cameras are available?
    Nice words Paige. D

  5. You always find the most amazing things to photograph.

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