The road to inspiration

I tell people I take my camera to the dump and I get funny looks.  But it’s true … there is always something interesting to see in the few miles between here and there.  “The Mountain Road” is full of little surprises if only you slow down enough to see them.

There is a saphouse, several little family cemeteries, old farms, and some Burma-Shave signs.  (I’ve been told the property where these signs reside is owned by Burma-Shave heirs.)  There is even a faux moose off in the distance … easy to get sucked in at first glance!  There is a corn crib that is only visible in the winter, a little fountain set among a tiny stand of pines, a huge barn that proudly displays its name, “Wellsweep Farm”, and another barn that houses steamboats in the summer.  I intend to photograph them all, but today I was distracted by a simple snowy path into the woods, and a bright blue door.

Some days that’s all it takes to make me happy!


4 responses to “The road to inspiration

  1. The photos the words ; thats all it takes to make me happy !

  2. You find the most wonderful doorways! I love the color – it’s like you have a magnet in your eyes that finds doors of all colors….

  3. Oooh I think I need a picture of that one.

  4. There you go …messin’ with my favorite color! That Mountain Road sounds like a good training ground for visiting rookie shooters. The snow scene reminds me of the hunting camp I still belong to in central PA. Very fond memories for me.

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