Homemade holiday

The residents of Blackbird Farm do not put up a Christmas tree.
Most of the residents are feline, and you know how it is with cats and trees.

So, I look to other people and places for Christmas cheer.  Shops, nurseries, other people’s front doors all are bright and colorful and shiny this time of year. 

I can even dream of faraway places and wonder what the holiday season is like there.

In the past I was much more ambitious and often made my own Christmas decor … wreaths, ornaments, garland.

One of my favorite stories involves a friend who was taken by a glossy photo of a dried fruit garland in a Martha Stewart magazine and decided to try to make one herself – how hard could it be? Martha promised results in just a few easy steps.  First, she instructed, just dry some fruit.  Well … after slicing up enough fruit to feed a large family it took a month – yes, a month – to run it through a dehydrator.  After it was strung into a garland she was pleased with the results, and it happily decorated her home through the holiday season.  When the new year rolled around my friend thought that after all the trouble to make it, heck – she would just leave it up for awhile and continue to enjoy it.  January and February came and went, and in March she and her husband noticed some flies in the house, but thought nothing of it.  Then one day she walked by the garland and she thought she saw it move.  What??  She got a little closer and … it was covered in maggots!

Martha apparently didn’t mention that it should be taken down before spring.

So … my friend got the satisfaction of a handmade holiday, a story to tell and laugh about forever after, and a lifelong distrust of Martha Stewart.  Here’s hoping your Christmas adventures are just as memorable!



3 responses to “Homemade holiday

  1. You make it sound much more fun! I so enjoyed our time together. Doug didn’t even swoon when he saw the “big” purchase (hasn’t seen the rest of them. though). Love you lots!

  2. P, Though you definately have a very special ‘eye’ for photography, your ‘way with words’ continues to impress. Sorry we didn’t get to have lunch, and happy that you & Pat met and now follow each other’s work.
    Though the cat & lights pix is my favorite, the maggot story is ‘special’.
    Happy New Year Paige ….D

  3. Love the story! Just glad it wasn’t in MY house……

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