Mary and Joseph and Jaime

When Joe and Jaime were little we’d drive around looking at all the Christmas lights in December, admiring the color and creativity of other more ambitious souls. We came across a nativity scene and Terry explained that we were looking at Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus in the manger. Joe, sitting in the back seat, asked “Where’s Jaime?” Terry replied, “She’s in the back seat with you!”

We drove further along, commenting on all the pretty decorations, and found another nativity, and Terry again, being the good Dad, named Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. Again from the back seat Joe asked, “But where’s Jaime?” Puzzled, Terry replied, “She’s in the car seat next to you!” More driving, more lights, more Christmas cheer, and another nativity …. more “Where’s Jaime?” It finally dawned on us that big brother Joe was thinking since there was a Joseph in the nativity scene, there naturally should be a Jaime.

Doesn’t that make perfect sense when you’re five?


3 responses to “Mary and Joseph and Jaime

  1. Of COURSE it makes sense. And where IS Jaime???????
    Sweet big brother.

  2. Nice pixs P,
    Funny story ….’from the mouth of babes’ ….
    I’m about to do the annual ‘light tour’ this weekend with the grandkids.
    Wynn is now 7, and Owen is 3. My biggest problem is keeping them awake,
    by singing Christmas songs! Wish me luck ! D

  3. Five year olds have wisdom way beyond anything any adult could ever understand. Trust me. And they are blatantly honest, so listen carefully!

    I hope it works out for us to get together soon. If not, at least we will have tried!

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