In the past Terry and I always chose a town to visit in December to do some Christmas shopping, although that term was used loosely – we may or may not have bought any gifts, but the fun was in window shopping, taking in the holiday decor, stopping for lunch or coffee or dessert somewhere, and just enjoying each other’s company for one afternoon. Today felt a little like a continuation of that.

A house dated 1755

My shopping companion had chosen Marblehead, Massachusetts to visit for the 41st annual Christmas Walk. Comprised of events that span Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it is meant to bring in people to shop locally amid the beauty of this centuries-old maritime village. There was a tree lighting tonight at 7 pm (which we did not stay for) and tomorrow morning Santa arrives by lobster boat. I would give my right arm to see that!

Marblehead's old town

A brief history of Marblehead: Founded in 1629, it was named by settlers who mistook its granite ledges for marble. It began as a fishing village with narrow, crooked streets, and grew inland from the harbor. In 1660, in an official report to the English king, Marblehead was acclaimed as “the greatest Towne for fishing in New England.” Just 17 miles north of Boston, it has over 200 homes and buildings that predate the Revolutionary War.

Everyone was getting into the Christmas spirit

Starfish stars and a lobster bell

Anxious to do some serious shopping, we arrived around noon. And … we were a little disappointed. There were no crowds, no hustle and bustle, even the weather was very un-Decemberlike. We literally had the town to ourselves! It was great for shopping (no lines!) and great for photos, but the energy wasn’t there. The shopkeepers said it was Friday and people were working … they would be slammed tomorrow, though. We made a mental note that, if we decide to come again next year, to come on the weekend.

It's a very polite town!

Bright colors at the entrance to a shop called "C'est la vie"

The lack of holiday chaos did not deter us though. The shops here in the Old Town are located in old buildings with crooked floors and creaky doors and are sometimes as beautiful as the objects inside. It was an opportunity to browse quietly and at our leisure, sample way too much candy and cookies that the shopkeepers offered, and find a parking place easily! It was a great day and I would do it again in a minute!

A pretty vine growing on a stone wall

Maybe if we’re lucky we’ll get to see Santa haul some traps and step ashore next year!


6 responses to “Marblehead

  1. Love the photos!! You’re so talented my friend 🙂

  2. Looked like a nice day, and loved some of those pictures. Very pretty town, tho I was there in the Fall. It’s pretty EVERYwhere in New England in the Fall. Unless you’re raking those leaves, of course…….

  3. I loved the “snow” in your pictures! Of course, makes us all want to be there with you. My most charming Pacific Northwest venture is to my local Fred Meyer. Woo Hoo. Looking forward to your visit, dear friend!

  4. Nice berry hat.

  5. I love that you included a picture of YOU for a change! Good job…

  6. Ironic that you picked Marblehead to showcase. I was in Boston years ago (on business), and I looked up my old HS sweetheart who lived there at the time. She gave me a grand tour for a couple hours, then introduced me to her 2 girls (both in HS). They boldly asked how long we dated, and I said only 2 years …until their mother ‘broke my heart’ weekly! I remember seeing some of the places you captured. Nice job P. D

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