Countdown to the holidays

This weekend is the annual Holiday Fair, which features homes, craftspeople, and business owners throughout the town holding open houses to kick off the holiday season. This year’s lineup included a coffee roastery, a design studio, a consignment shop, the local grange, a church fair and a couple of yard sales. My shopping partner and I set out early to see what all these places had to offer.

There were a multitude of items for sale. Locally made products are always popular – maple syrup, photo cards, jewelry, baskets and scarves. There were fun garden decorations, vintage and handmade furniture, bake sale cookies and breads, jams and jellies, herbs, and Christmas decor.

One surprise was the design studio. We drove up to find an old Cape in need of a paint job and some landscaping, but with a beautiful view over the hills. As soon as you walked in the front door though … wow! The old house had been left intact but given new life with bright paint colors, interesting fabrics, and a quirky mix of old (a vintage cash register filling one corner of the living room) and new (sleek modern furniture). Don’t you love this wallpaper made from old family photos? We did.

I came home wanting to make my own hydrangea wreath and decorate the house for Christmas. If the Holiday Fair is meant to inspire, today it succeeded.


4 responses to “Countdown to the holidays

  1. Very pretty. Sorris I missed it. Don’t you like the black and white check rug in that one picture?? And the purple Adirondack bench is very eye catching.

  2. Didn’t we go last year to the Holiday Bazaar at the school? Brings back fond memories. 🙂

  3. Love the blue ornament in the crystal glasses. And my aunt has a family picture wall that would put this one to shame! Love it!

  4. BLUE me ….The wall paper is definately different.
    I’m tempted to do something like that with all our pixs that still reside in plastic storage bins! Maybe one of our guest baths down in CO …I’m sure Angie would love it (LOL)
    PS I especially like your reflection in the last photo. D

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