All hallows eve

I think a magic spell was cast on me today by a beautiful young witch. I didn’t quite catch the entire incantation, but see how her magic wand floats before me? The chubby hand directing all the good energy my way? See the intense look in her eyes? I am certain that soon a handsome stranger will come into my life, or I’ll have a winning lottery ticket. Surely it’s just around the corner.

Halloween was not cancelled in our town today – though in many other places throughout the state it was. In the midst of the third largest power outage in state history, many places are simply too dangerous for kids to trick-or-treat in (as in downed trees and power lines). Here, though, the annual Halloween parade went on as usual. All elementary school kids in grades K-3 get to dress up and parade through downtown — down one side of Main Street to the crosswalk in front of my office, and back up the other side to the school. It’s as much fun for the kids as it is for the local businesses.

The parade doesn’t last long, but many of the costumes are very creative. When was the last time Main Street in your town was shut down by first-graders dressed as ghosts and witches and Spiderman? It’s one of the little joys of a small town.

Others, though, simply yawn and go back to sleep…


3 responses to “All hallows eve

  1. Cute pictures – great costumes. But you are right – the first and last pictures are the best. Cutest witch I’ve ever seen. And the baby is no slouch either.

  2. That’s the prettiest witch I’ve ever seen! And that baby was just too precious. How adorable. I envy you the joy of seeing all those little ones parading through town – what a wonderful tradition! And even though I’m not at school right now I know I would have been disappointed yesterday – our annual Pumpkin Parade was cancelled. No parties allowed, either. How boring! We don’t want to step on anyone’s toes that doesn’t celebrate Halloween. Bah, Humbug. (I’ll get off my soapbox now, to save you my wrath over this all…..) Thanks for sharing the darling pictures!

  3. What a collection of joy and sweets ….the witch was a spell bender for sure! Like I said before …you really need to pursue that avenue Paige (family photos). It’s YOU that casts a spell on the kids (perhaps with your lens).
    One little nit I noticed with these pixs…What’s with all the overhead power lines. No wonder they have a slew of power outages! D

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