Weather report

Leaf-raking has been put on hold for awhile.

A storm the weatherman described as a “classic nor’easter” moved up the coast yesterday and crossed New Hampshire overnight.  I woke up to a foot of snow on the ground … in October!  This is unusual even by New England standards.  In fact, even the weatherman seemed surprised.  Some parts of the state got two feet of snow.  Many are still without power, as this was a wet, heavy snow, and there is a tree down in my yard.  But … the first snow of the season is always beautiful, and I ventured out to take pictures.

County Road

Pink hydrangea

See that horizontal tree on the ground?  That isn’t supposed to be there.  This was a record-breaking snowfall … the old record for the month of October was something like 3″.

Burning bush

Oak leaves


Yellow maple

Lone leaf among the pines

Burning bush

And so ends October … looks like tomorrow night’s trick-or-treaters had better bundle up.



3 responses to “Weather report

  1. Brrrrr. Looks cold. Poor lonely little leaves. But the Pinkbury and the pink hydrangea are exceptionally pretty. You’re right – looks like you won’t be raking leaves for a day or so. But it IS pretty – looking at it from here!

  2. I know you might not agree, but I think it looks wonderful! Maybe a bit early, but I still love the way snow makes everything so beautiful. I especially love your picture of the hydrangea. Amazing to see that much in October, no doubt! Hope you have heat. Bundle up and stay warm! And Happy Halloween!

  3. NOW WE’RE TALKIN’ !! As you know, snow is my passion, and as you were lamenting over your record-breaking Oct. snow in NH ….we were plowing out from our 3rd storm in CO !! We had more snow in Oct. down there this year than ALL of last winter! Could be a great ski season. I never tire of your snow scenes. D

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