Autumn in New England


Autumn here in New Hampshire is a feast of color and texture and light.  It is my favorite time of year, and I’m always sad that it is so brief.  I could write here of why the leaves change color, about chlorophyll and the effects of the weather on the trees, but it doesn’t really make any difference … it is a show that has to be seen to be believed and appreciated just for what it is:  Mother Nature’s last hurrah before the cold winds come and snow flies.  Here in New England it is celebrated in various ways, with the pumpkin taking center stage, but the colorful leaves are the real stars of the show.




5 responses to “Autumn in New England

  1. I love the ghosts around the tree..what a cute idea! I guess in Seattle those ghosts would be wet all the time! The colors are so brilliant and pretty. What a great place to live! Enjoy!

  2. Love the ghosts! And the picture with the chairs. Beautiful as always. It is amazing, and you really do have to see it yourself to appreciate just how magnificent the colors are!

  3. I know that guy in white!!

  4. Rick is too funny.

    I can’t believe those are your Burning Bushes in your garden. They’re enormous!! And beautiful color. Mine are just starting to turn. And how many times have I swept those leaves off your porch???

  5. Paige…You always seem to capture the unique! I’d like to say I like one more than the other…but I can’t (they’re ALL great). But, the BLUE chair made me stare & study. Thanks for sharing…D

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