Scenes from Scotland

Here are a few photos from the trip to Scotland.  For the record:  some of it does look like Ireland, but it definitely has its own identity!

The symbol of Scotland ... the thistle

The town of Oban on the west coast

The ferry to the Hebrides Islands, coming into Oban

Views on the way to the Isle of Mull

Highland cattle on the beach, Isle of Mull

Castle Stalker (it even has a creepy name!)

Herding sheep ... in the road

Purple heather everywhere

In case you need to make a call out in the middle of nowhere...

The gorgeous, mysterious, storied Scottish moors

The castle of Eilean Donan


Beautiful architecture in Edinburgh


4 responses to “Scenes from Scotland

  1. Wow! It DOES look alot like Ireland and I am excited to see more of your traveloge. I almost expected to see Heathcliff peering from the “Spooky Castle”. Great stuff!

  2. I love the thistle picture! And the random phone booth – it’s a beautiful phone booth, though! Love that bright red in all the fog….interesting…. Glad you got home safely. Can hardly wait for the finished “book”!

  3. Thistles are pretty. And I think I would like Edinburgh – like the architecture. But my favorite is the lonely red phone booth. Do hope you include pictures of some of that food you were eating – in spite of the names……..

  4. Now I remember seeing these before ….excellent work (as usual).
    Ireland (and now Scotland) are now on my bucket list! Your photography has that effect on folks. D

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