The joy of travel

The annual fall vacation is coming up quickly. I’m still not sure what to expect of Scotland .. but isn’t that half the fun? not knowing? Not knowing what it looks like, or what the weather will be, or whether the men really wear kilts, or if I’ll be able to understand a word they say??

This is why travel is so much fun.

I am still guessing it looks like Ireland, and to that end I will use photos here from previous trips to Ireland. I could be way off. Maybe it looks like something completely different … a uniquely Scottish landscape that will blow me away. Who knows?

Donegal, Ireland

We are going to visit as many castles as we can … you can’t have too many castles. There is one – Eilean Donnáin – that is set on an island and which I want to see very much. Some have been restored, some are ruins. I almost like the ruined ones more.

Dunluce Castle, Northern Ireland

We want to visit Rosslyn Chapel, which was the setting for the final scene of “The DaVinci Code” and linked the chapel to tales of the Holy Grail. It is a profusely decorated building – practically every surface is hand-carved – and is steeped in a history ranging from the Knights Templar to Scottish Freemasonry.

Ennistymon, County Clare, Ireland

We are spending two days in the city of Edinburgh, which I’m looking forward to very much. The highlight is the Royal Mile, which runs from Edinburgh Castle to Holyrood. Branching off from the Royal Mile are alleyways known as either “closes” or “wynds”. A wynd is an alleyway that is open at both ends, a close is one that is only open at one end. They are a remnant from medieval Edinburgh when the whole city was a mass of confusing alleyways, and they are still a central feature of the Old Town part of the city.

Herding sheep on a rainy day, Ireland 2009

And then there are the wilder parts of Scotland: the Highland cattle, the ferries to the remote islands, the Loch Ness monster. We want to see it all. It is a venture into the unknown. This is what travel is all about: not knowing.


3 responses to “The joy of travel

  1. I can tell you are excited! I’m excited to see the pictures that you bring back with you ~ I know they will be worth waiting for! Whose pictures are these that you posted, anyway/ I love the sheep! And that bright pink doorway….wow….

  2. When are you going? I missed that bit of information. And, as you can see, am behind in my computer viewing. (Wedding rehearsal dinner stuff).

  3. As I remember ….it was a bit wet? Kinda like the PNW right now!


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