We all scream for ice cream

The exterior of the Lone Oak is the picture of roadside ice cream stands with long outdoor counters and multiple windows for serving the summer masses. There are places like it all over New England, and many of them boast homemade ice cream. This one is no different but the draw here for me isn’t ice cream … it’s their lobster rolls. See the sign in the small print??

The menu offers the standard fare .. burgers, hot dogs, fries, everything you could ask for in a casual summer meal. But on Wednesdays the lobster rolls are only $8 – so why have a burger when you can have a bit of New England?? It’s a purist’s delight:  just lobster meat, very little mayo (if any), one small leaf of lettuce on the bun and nothing else. All you taste is the lobster.

Judy introduced me to the Lone Oak last year. It’s been in operation since 1962, so it obviously is doing something right. It has a vast selection of ice cream, and we ordered not the small size, but the one below that … the “baby” size for $2.50. I think it was half a pint. We couldn’t finish it, and it went against every fiber of our being to throw away perfectly good ice cream.

The sign is right …. not only wicked famous, but wicked good!


4 responses to “We all scream for ice cream

  1. Ice cream, in my opinion, is God’s perfect food gift to mankind! I have never met an ice cream that I didn’t like. Now lobster rolls fall somewhere up there too. Thanks for making us hungry (and envious)!

  2. I could live with that much ice cream…..

  3. Now THIS …is “Cruel & Unusual Punishment”.
    Now THIS Paige-e-e-e…is “Cruel & Unusual Punishment
    (‘close-up’ pix of the lobster roll)!!
    Question #1: Where (specifically) is The Lone Oak?
    As you’ll remember, staying at your Maine cabin allowed us to take a day trip to many of the little hamlets along the ME coast. One of the best was Wiscasset, and “REDS Eats”. They claimed the BEST lobster rolls in ME.
    I wasn’t about to argue as they dropped the lettuce & mayo, and just drizzled melted butter over the huge chunks of steamed lobster! I had 3…and NO Ice Cream!

  4. Well I could pass on both of those.

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