SpiderWeb Gardens

Our local nursery is called SpiderWeb Gardens.  I grow all my own plants from seed and cuttings so I hadn’t been over there this year at all, but today I went to buy some potting soil.  You can’t go into a place like this and JUST buy potting soil … nooo, you have to spend a half hour wandering around looking at all the beautiful things!  SpiderWeb has kind of a homespun feel to it, with its nearby brick Cape and huge barn, and it has lots to offer in its many greenhouses.  When I saw this scene, though, I knew the plants were taking a back seat and it was time for photos!

Here all the little red wagons are lined up waiting for buyers to fill them with plants, pots, fresh corn or other goodies.

You can stock up on purple potatoes, local honey, fresh vegetables , even garden antiques!

Everything is casual here — there are morning glories growing up the sides of buildings, daturas and love-lies-bleeding self-sown against the greenhouses, and big bouquets of sunflowers in buckets in the doorway of the main building.

I think I have overlooked a great source of photos here … I might just have to go back and spend more time.  And — all of these photos were taken with my Blackberry.  Not bad, huh?


3 responses to “SpiderWeb Gardens

  1. Excellent photos!

  2. Not bad at all! Love all those red wagons all lined up.

  3. I liked the wagons shot too …after all, I’m just a little boy!
    So by all means, go back with your ‘real’ camera, and enlighten us Paige fans! D

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